Talismans ⭕ Create Custom Talismans ✅ Powerful Passive Effects ✨ Talisman Bag, Levels

MC Plugin Talismans ⭕ Create Custom Talismans ✅ Powerful Passive Effects ✨ Talisman Bag, Levels 6.57.0
Powerful and intuitive passive effects for your server.

- Fixed a long list of bugs related to slots
- Added several new effects/conditions and made several improvements to existing effects/conditions (Thanks Callum!)
- Several memory optimisations (Thanks Casper!)
- Added 1.20.6 support
- Added in_slot condition, see here for more info: https://plugins.auxilor.io/effects/all-conditions/in_slot
- API: Added SlotType.isOrContains(SlotType) for compatibility with CombinedSlotType
- API: Added SlotItemProvidedHolder<T> which should be used instead of ItemProvidedHolder when fetching holders when possible
- Temporarily disabled holder refresh cooldown due to bugs
- Fixed memory leaks with add_holder, add_holder_in_radius, and add_holder_to_victim (Thanks Casper!)
- Massively improved general plugin performance with new holder refresh cooldown, set to 250ms by default but can be changed or disabled entirely (Thanks Casper!)
- API: Added Dispatcher<*>.forceRefreshHolders() if the cache must be bypassed. This should only be used in exceptional circumstances.
- Triggers that are disabled (i.e. not in use) will no longer have their listeners registered at all, improving performance and massively reducing memory use
- Trigger and TriggerData hashcodes are now lazy-evaluated instead of being evaluated on each call, improving performance (Thanks Casper!)
- Various improvements and fixes to several triggers, including fixing potential memory leaks (Thanks Casper!)
- Fixed dupe bug for some items with multiply_drops
- Fixed alt_click
- More optimisations to move and change_chunk
- Fixed item_points_above, item_points_below, item_points_equal (Thanks OfTeN!)
- Fixed disabled triggers still running
- Fixed add_holder_in_radius
- Fixed memory leak with add_holder_to_victim
- Improved hashCode() performance under load for holders (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- Added optional check for meta (defaults to true) for switching to an item updating the holders (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- AFK Players will no longer have their holders updated by default (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- Fixed regen_multiplier (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- Various small optimisations to effect triggering (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- spawn_particle now runs async (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- Categories will no longer clear on shutdown
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