[SurreyForum] XenKingPin: Pay To Pin (Thread Sticky Bidding), Pay to Bump, <pay per click>

XF1 Addons [SurreyForum] XenKingPin: Pay To Pin (Thread Sticky Bidding), Pay to Bump, <pay per click> 1.0.7
This plug-in allows users to pin / bump threads in selected forums you decide.

Compatible versions
1.0, 1.1
<v1.07 works with XF 1.1>

This is an advertising plug-in.

The great thing about "Pay per Pin" and "Pay per Bump" is that they are a very unobtrusive form of advertising. Most members wont ever realise that there is paid advertising (apart from those that pay for it)

This plug-in allows users to pin / bump threads in selected forums you decide. The plug-in is integrated with PayPal, so that users can buy credits, the credits will automatically be added to their account once the transaction is complete. Users can then use these credits to bump threads or pin threads <and soon, pay for site adds>

The only people that will see the "bump" of "pin" buttons will be the thread creator (or people with thread edit permissions.. mods/admins)
The only person that will have access to pay to bump / pin a thread will be the thread creator

Thread Bumping
Forums that you select as "bumping forums" are no longer ordered by last_post date, but are now ordered by created time (or bump time). This ordering will only apply to the forums you select as thread bumping forums. This prevents users from bumping their adverts by simply replying to them. If the user wishes to bump their thread, the need to press the bump button and pay credits (the amount is defined by you)

Thread Pinning (sticky threads)
Thread pinning can be added to any forum. Pinned threads are now ordered by the bid price on forums that you select as "pinning forums". The more the users has bid for their pinned thread, the higher up the list the thread is pinned. The threads are pinned for a user defined time (the default is 1 week), the user can select to pin the thread for more weeks (but will be charged more). A cron job runs every morning to check for any expired pinned adverts. You can add more frequent cron jobs if required. On running the cron job, any expired pinned adverts are unpinned. After this, the user can pay to re-pin the thread if they wish
[Please note, it is okay to un-stick/unpin threads that have been stuck, it will not cause an issue with this plug-in... but you might get told off by the person that paid for it]

Enchantments to come:
- display date/time of pinned expiry
- allow user to bid more after they have pinned their thread
- an area to show payment / credit history in the users control panel
- an area to show all payment / credit history in the admin/mod users control panel

To Come : Pay Per Click Adverts
This will take some work, but I will use the credit system here to charge for the Pay Per Clicks. <when no adds have been bought, it will default to your Google ads>

IMPORTANT: A PayPal mechanism has been provided for user to buy credits, but you will need to add your own buttons to the templates. To add PayPal buttons, you will need a PayPal merchant account (which is free), or a PayPal business account. (demo PayPal buttons have been added, but they are demo only, you will need to update the sfaddfunds template)

The hardest part of setting up this plug-in is the PayPal set up, I will explain that in a separate post below. I appreciate the PayPal site isn't an easy site to use, I'll try to help where I can, but please please please read my set up instructions before asking for support.

To Install

  • Upload the entire contents of the attached zip to the XenForo root
So now you should have a structure:
  • Go to ACP -> Add-ons -> Install Add-on -> Install from file on server
  • Install from file on server: " library/XenKingPin/addon-XenKingPin.xml"
  • Set options in administration control panel
ACP>>Home>>Options>>[SurreyForum] XenKingPin
Once in the ACP, select the forums you wish to be "pay for bump" forums, and select forum you wish to be "pay for pin" forums (forums CAN be both, in fact I use both on one forum advertising area), please make sure you select forums and not categories


Since I believe the tables could be fairly sensitive, before uninstalling this plug-in, open the file: library\XenKingPin\install.php
and uncomment the section:

// $db->query(" DROP TABLE IF EXISTS`sf_xenkingpin_pp_history`,`sf_xenkingpin_credits`, `sf_xenkingpin_thread` ");
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