SpeedRun Minigame

MC Plugin SpeedRun Minigame 4.9.9
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Note: 1.20.5/6 is not supported yet.
  • Added Elytra support, set Options.Elytra.Enabled-Elytrato true to use, there a few options for it
    • Options.Elytra.Give-Fireworks to give players fireworks when the game starts
    • Options.Elytra.Fireworks-Slot the firework slot
    • Options.Elytra.Auto-Renew-Fireworks if enabled, players will keep receiving a new firework every few seconds until they have a stack
    • Options.Elytra.Auto-Renew-Fireworks-Delay, the delay of the task above
    • Options.Elytra.Checkpoint-Margin the checkpoint margin when using Elytra
    • You also have to enable the elytra on the map, you can do that by running /sr setElytra <map> <true/false>
      • Only maps with elytra set to true will give elytra and firework to the player.
  • NMS/ActionBar/Titles optimizations.
Very important! When setting up a arena for Elytra, I'd recommend setting the checkpoints with at least 3 blocks of depth so players won't fly too fast past the checkpoint, not counting it.
  • Added Discord Webhook support, you can now announce the best times on a specific discord chat.
    • At the moment, it is possible to announce a map record, personal record and map reset.
      • If you want more triggers or more options (like change Author and Avatar), let me know.
    • Both %player% and %map% placeholders can be used in Title or Description.
  • Fixed a issue where vehicles can sometimes not despawn
  • Added a command to change player speed
    • /sr setPlayerSpeed <player> <speed>
      • example: /sr setPlayerSpeed player 0.7
  • Attempt to fix an issue with invalid data being sent
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