Pro SkyWars

MC Plugin Pro SkyWars v7.4
Professional Skywars plugin with lots of features, support for Solo and Teams mode!


Professional minigame for your server! Create unlimited arenas, loot chests for equipments, fight to be the last man standing!
Support for any size Teams and solo game.


  • Totally independent, can run absolutely by itself.
  • Arenas have support for Solo or Teams mode. Teams can have any number you want of players. You can create Mega mode games with big teams.
  • Almost 100% configurable, customize your messages, arenas, kits, cages and chests.
  • Create unlimited arenas.
  • Can work with other minigames and plugins.
  • Support for multiple arenas per world.
  • Fireworks ending.
  • Kits, Cages shop, you can use MysteryBox to get rewards or use money to buy stuff.
  • Become spectator on death and teleport to other players.
  • Support for BungeeMode to force players to join game.
  • Support for MySQL to share player stats between servers.
  • Built in coins and souls system, you can use vault too.
  • Create your custom chests types and make specific chests use that type (you can set a type for game start and a different type for refill to give better items on refill)
  • Lightweight rollback system.
  • Can be used as survivalgames plugin or custom pvp plugin.
  • Coins multipliers for VIP users.
  • Create your own kits or cages and specify they rarity, cost, name, content and whether they require a permission or not.
  • Scoreboards for lobby and In-Game.
  • Support for UUID.
  • Players stats: wins. kills, deaths, blocks breaked, blockes places, projectiles launched and projectiles hit.
  • AutoJoin command and sign that will put you on the best available arena. You can set autojoin sign for solo or team game.
  • Signs showing arena state and player count. (Customizable)
  • MysteryBox, using souls or coins to unlock your kits or cages.
  • Hitting a player with an arrow will show that player health.
  • Mobs for arenas that will only attack your enemies.
  • Run rewards commands on player kill or win.
  • Built in broadcaster, so you can display your tips and tricks or advertise your website.
  • You can set as much refills as you want.
  • Customizable projectile trails and trails shop.
  • Create Holograms for stats and update them every x amount of minutes.
  • Sign leaderboards, display top players depending on the stat you choose, can also place a head over the sign to display player skull.
  • Support for PlaceHolderAPI so you can show Pro Skywars stats on any compatible plugin.
  • in game commands whitelist.
  • Create parties and play with your friends.
  • Glass behing join sign changes color depending on game state.
  • 12 Perks to give your game an awesome boost! (check perks list on Setup section)
  • Force your players to fight adding GameEnd events! (check setup section for more info)
  • Support for MongoDB to share data between servers.
  • Support for Redis in-memory data structure store, used as a database. Fast data share between servers.
  • Random arena bungee mode. You can have more than one arena on your bungee mode server and each match will have a different arena.
  • SOLO, TEAM and MEGA fully customizable NPC's with player count and bungeecord support.
  • Custom animated balloons that will spawn on players islands.

  • Teams ✓ DONE
  • Parties ✓ DONE
  • Holograms ✓ DONE
  • Perks ✓ DONE
  • LeaderBoards ✓ DONE
  • Trails ✓ DONE
  • Achievements
  • API ✓ DONE
  • MongoDB Support ✓ DONE
  • Redis Support ✓ DONE
  • Balloons ✓ DONE

Arena Setup Commands:

  • /arena wand - Gives you wand tool to select corners of your arena.
  • /arena create <arenaname> - Create new arena.
  • /arena edit <arenaname> - Edit cuboid region for an arena.
  • /arena remove <arenaname> - Remove an arena
  • /arena setlobbyspawn <arenaname> - Sets arena lobby (pregame) spawn
  • /arena setspectatorsspawn <arenaname> - Sets place where spectators will spawn on death.
  • /arena setmainlobby <arenaname> - Sets the lobby where players will be teleported on game end/leave.
  • /arena setminteams <arenaname> <value> - Sets minimun required teams for game to start.
  • /arena setmaxteams <arenaname> <value> - Sets max number of players for an arena.
  • /arena setteamsize <arenaname> <value> - Sets the numberof players for each team.
  • /arena addspawn <arenaname> - Adds spawn point for an arena.
  • /arena addballoonspawn <arenaname> - Adds balloon spawn point.
  • /arena addchest <arenaname> <defaultChestType> <refillChestType> - Adds chest you are looking to an arena and sets the default fill and the refill chest types (Use chesttypes.yml)
  • /arena chestwand <arenaname> <defaultFillChestType> <RefillChestType> - Will give you a blazing rod that you can use to add chests to your arena.
  • /arena removechest <arenaname> - Removes the chest you are looking from arena.
  • /arena setevent <eventName> <arenaname> - Sets Game end event for an arena.
  • /arena removeevent <arenaName> - Removes all events from an arena.
  • /arena join <arenaname> - Join an arena.
  • /arena leave - Leaves arena.
  • /arena list - Display a list of arenas.
  • /arena forcestart <arenaname> - Reduce the countdown time and force gamestart.
Pro SkyWars Commands:

  • /sw join <arenaname> - Joins an arena.
  • /sw join - Opens arena selector for players with required permission.
  • /sw autojoin [solo/teams] - Autojoin to best available arena.
  • /sw shop - Displays Skywars shop.
  • /sw coins add/set/remove <player> <amount> - Add. set or remove an amount of coins from player.
  • /sw souls add/set/remove <player> <amount> - Add, set or remove an amount of souls from player.
  • /sw kits/trails/cages/perks add <player> <name> - Unlock a kit, cage, trail or perk for a player.
  • /sw kits/trails/cages set <player> <name> - Select a kit, cage, trail for a player.
  • /sw addmysterybox - Adds a new mystery box. (You need to be above the block and looking at it.)
  • /sw hologram add/remove - Set or remove stats holograms location.
  • /sw removemysterybox - Removes existing myster box. (You need to be above the block and looking at it.)
  • /sw npc create <SOLO/TEAM/MEGA> - Creates an npc so your players can join arenas. (to edit or remove npc right click while sneaking).
  • /sw leave - leave and arena.
  • /sw reload - Reloads plugin configuration.
Party Commands:

  • /party create <partyname> - Creates a new party
  • /party invite <player> - Send a invitation to your party
  • /party join <partyname> - Join to a party (requires invitation)
  • /party kick <player> - Kick a player from your party.
  • /party list - Check the players on your party.
Kit Creation Commands:

  • /sw kit create <kitname> - Creates a new kit on kits.yml with current player inventory contents (armor and items) including enchantments.
  • /sw kit setdisplayitem <kitname> <material>[:ID] - Set the display item for a kit.
  • /sw kit setpermission <kitname> <permission> - Set the permission for kit usage.
  • /sw kit setprice <kitname> <value> - Set price for a kit (this feature will work only if you enable money use for kits on config.yml)
  • /sw kit setrarity <kitname> <common/rare/legendary> - Sets kit mysterybox rarity.
  • /sw kit addloreline <kitname> <text> - Set a new lore line for a kit.
  • /sw kit lorereset <kitname> - Deletes lore for a kit.
  • /sw kit save <kitname> - Reset inventory GUI's to show new kit.


  • proskywars.admin - Access to all commands
  • proskywars.arena - Access to arena setup commands
  • proskywars.signs - Allow player to place SkyWars arenas signs.
  • proskywars.autojoin - Access to autojoin command.
  • proskywars.mysteryboxadd - Allow player to add a block as mystery box.
  • proskywars.mysteryboxremove - Allow player to remove existing mystery box.
  • proskywars.holograms - Allow player to set the stats hologram location.
  • proskywars.bypass - Allow you to bypass the commands whitelist.
  • proskywars.coins - Allow player to run commands to modify coins.
  • proskywars.souls - Allow player to run commands to modify souls.
  • - Access to shop command.
  • proskywars.join - Access to join command.
  • proskywars.joingui - Access to arena selector using command.
  • proskywars.kitcreate - Allow player to use commands to create new kits.
  • proskywars.npc - Allow player to add, remove or edit NPC's.
  • proskywars.5x - Coins 5x multiplier for VIP players.
  • proskywars.4x - Coins 4x multiplier for VIP players.
  • proskywars.3x - Coins 3x multiplier for VIP players.
  • proskywars.2x - Coins 2x multiplier for VIP players.
  • proskywars.souls1 - Set max amount of souls to config.yml option Souls.vip1Souls.
  • proskywars.souls2 - Set max amount of souls to config.yml option Souls.vip2Souls.

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