(PRO) Crate Reloaded - Mystery Crate [1.8 - 1.20.X]

MC Plugin (PRO) Crate Reloaded - Mystery Crate [1.8 - 1.20.X] 2.3.10_hotfix
Prime - HQ - Powerful - Active - Custom - Particles - Effects

Bukkit version was previously unable to be parsed.
  • Remove NBT serialization which broke crate claims.
  • users can exit animations early with config constant: crate.early-animation-exit. Remove peri-exit option.
  • Add confirmation menu support to mystery crates.
Fix player head error for 1.20.4
Fix player heads that were causing the plugin to stop loading on 1.20.2
  • Fix ACF errors with new build
  • Remove non-bracketed hex support. Update hex to {#111111} from #111111
Fix issue where users are unable to craft crates when config flag was disabled
Vault is no longer a requirement for the plugin to startup.
fix: the player is not shown the message when the crate is given.
  • Fix empty claim error and v1 -> v2 claim migration
  • Fix 1.19.4 warning message
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