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Premium MC Plugin • Display Shops | A New Approach To Player Shops • 1.6.9
Create immersive simplistic shops with animations, efficient transaction handling, and much more!

Hello, XZot1K here, to answer a quick question about Display Shops. Is it laggy? The simple answer is nope! The displays such as holograms and floating items are all packet-based and sent to the player as a packet asynchronously, which means that the client will see it, but the server is not ticking it what so ever! To re-enforce this claim, the plugin is always being improved so don't hesitate to contact me directly for any assistance or suggestions!

• What is Display Shops? •

Display Shops is a simple, immersive, interactive, and unique approach to player shops. The goal of this plugin is to bring player shops to a new modern level with a unique design alongside addictive mechanics like GUI interactions and animations. Players can create new shops in just a matter of two steps, without the involvement of complicated signs or configuration.

Please note that almost everything seen in the images can be changed and manipulated to your liking. In addition, these examples were captured in version 1.5; therefore, new edit features, buttons, etc. are not displayed.



• What Are The Features? •

  • Automatic Packet Detection - holograms, particles, and more are all determined by the Minecraft version the server runs. You install it and the plugin will do the rest!
  • Ray Tracing Technology - the plugin uses Ray Tracing to create rays and bounding boxes on an advanced coordinate plane to calculate exactly where a player is looking. The best part is, this is done completely async providing top-level visual effects with no performance harm!
  • No Complicated Dependencies - nothing is required aside from Vault, meaning installation and issues will be uncommon in terms of dependencies.
  • Fully Customizable - holograms, base blocks, particles, messages, options, you name it are all inside the configuration file!
  • Fully Packet Based - everything seen by the player such as holograms and floating items is client-side packets. It is NOT possible to obtain, duplicate, or cause lag from the displays of these shops!
  • Active Developer - consistent updates, improvements, additions, and more by the developer are very common.
  • Auto-Updating Configuration - the configuration file will be matched and updated automatically. It also has an automatic feature to add missing and fix broken keys!
  • Developer API - there is a powerful API alongside custom exceptions and events that can be used to modify the plugin and make it exactly the way you like it.
  • Update Checker - The console will be notified of any updates that come to the plugin on startup.
  • Conservative Smart Storage - shops and their data are stored very carefully to conserve space and maintain readability. Each shop also contains virtual stock values that allow easy management of the shop's stock.
  • Player Shops - players can create shops of any item, even custom items, up to their personal or global shop limitation.
  • Admin Shops - admin shops can be created by a command or by modifying a shop while the server is offline. Admin shops are unlimited stock shops with no owner.
  • Buying Limitations - players can set a limit to how many units another player can sell to their shop for extra protection.
  • Respectful Shops - DisplayShops lets other plugins perform their actions first unless a shop is inside a Market Region. This prevents conflicts with claiming based systems from other plugins.
  • Market Regions - these regions are used to bypass claiming protections from another plugin inside a selected region. This eliminates the usage of hooks in terms of protection issues.
  • Physical Item Currency - Display Shops now has a new system that allows players to use a physical item as the currency for a shop versus a virtual currency through Vault or its API.
  • Admin Command Shops - Shops can be given commands alongside items to be sold. Said shops can also be set into command only mode where only the command will be ran!
  • Unlimited Shop Item Stack Sizes - Shops can sell or buy stacks above the natural max size. For example, above 64 for most items.
  • Material Price Limitations - Each individual material can be given a maximum sell and buy price across the board.
  • Item-For-Item Trading - If Vault is disabled, shop owners can set a trade item for their shops requiring the buyer or seller of a shop to have the requested item for interaction.
  • Creative-Control - If enabled, the plugin will block creative players exploiting shops in terms of stock modification and more!
  • Base Block Selection - Players can customize their shops to a new extreme allowing them to completely control their shop's general appearance!
  • Base-Line Taxing - Shop transactions can be taxed to your will using a simplistic system!
  • Crafting Recipe - The shop creation item has a fully configurable shaped recipe!
  • Shop Advertising - Players can broadcast clickable chat messages which show what they are selling, location, and more!
  • Shop Visiting /w Safe Checks - Players can visit each other's shop through chat-based teleportation that also checks for unsafe environments such as cobwebs, lava, or even more advanced contraptions like pistons.
  • Dynamic Price Changing - Shops can be set so they may have prices that adjust based on usage.
  • Market Regions (Rentable Areas - Experimental Feature) - These custom regions are utilized to create rentable shop areas prefilled with shops that adjust to the region's current owner!

• Commands & Permissions •

To keep things simple and updated, all commands can be found here and all permissions can be found here.

• Show Me More! •

Below are some images that were taken
in-game of some example shops (Version 1.5 Images):
Spoiler: Click To See Images
• How Does It Work? •
(NOTE: Buying and selling can be disabled by setting the buy price or sell price to -1)

All information about how shops work, how to create them, etc. can be found on the wiki here.

• FAQ •

  • (Q)Why does the creation item not drop when I destroy a shop?
    • (A) The 'creation-item-drop' under the 'shop-options' section in the 'config.yml' must be set to 'true'.
  • (Q) I'm getting errors on startup with default configuration files...
    • (A) This should never occur; however, double-check the configuration files as the auto-configuration updater more than likely was unable to adjust materials based on your Minecraft version.
  • (Q) Why are some materials Spanish that is supposed to be English by default?
    • (A) Inside the "lang.yml", remove the materials that are in the wrong language from the "translated-material-names" section.
  • (Q)How do I get the physical item or item-for-item trading to work?
    • (A) Vault must be disabled, once complete the players will need to use a set item in the configuration file as the base-line currency where they can then set up trade items for their shop! Keep in mind, that a seller's shop will hold obtained physical trades or currency until the owner comes to claim them through the stock management item in the shop's edit menu.
    • (A-2) Keep in mind that a physical item plugin that uses Vault will typically function better if needing to use everything to its full potential for a single currency item.
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