⚡️ Minigames Perks [1.8-1.19.3] ⚡️ Custom perks for your minigame server!

Free MC Plugin ⚡️ Minigames Perks [1.8-1.19.3] ⚡️ Custom perks for your minigame server! 1.6.6
Make your minigame a more unique experience for your players! Create your own perks!


Do you have players in your minigames server that have purchased all kits and they can't spend their currency anywhere? Minigames Perks is the perfect way to add new fun extension and randomness to the gamemode! It adds over 20 perks with 5 levels by default. Upgrading a perk gives you more chance for it to happen. For example you can get a golden apple when you kill a player, or you can spawn a Spider when you die! It works with any plugin that has a command to take the currency from a player and a PlaceholderAPI placeholder for the currency. You can create your own perks! Works with file or mysql database! Great for any server out there - KitPvP, Skywars, Bedwars, even SkyBlock or Survival!
Contact me if you want to try it on a test server!
It works with all currency plugins that have a command to remove from the player's balance and a PlaceholderAPI placeholder. If you are not sure that the currency plugin is going to be compatible with Minigames Perks, contact me, I will check and I will make the economy configuration part for you!

Depends on PlaceholderAPI

Feel free to ask anything before purchasing!
Also if you want to try the plugin, contact me to setup a server.


  • Everything is configurable!
  • Create your own perks!
  • Ready to use, just place in the plugins folder and restart the server!
  • 24 events, 14 conditions, 14 prizes and more to come!
  • Works with any currency plugin that supports PlaceholderAPI, even your own currency!
  • 20 default perks!
  • Unique and fun!
  • Great for all minigames servers!
  • Fast and bug-free!
  • Fast support from the developer!
  • PlaceholderAPI support!
  • Permission to upgrade the perk with custom message or default one.
  • Custom items in the inventory!
  • Another menu to confirm the upgrading, can be disabled and it can be fully customized!
  • Use heads with skins as menu items!
  • No config deletion! If there is a problem with the config, the console will send a message with all the info you need to fix it!
  • MySQL or file database support!
  • Default config that can be used for skywars and a custom one that can be used for eggwars, they can be found here
Servers using Minigames Perks
Share your server that uses Minigames Perks with us in our discord server!

Wiki Page
Everything is documented in the wiki page of the plugin, that you can see by clicking here!
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