⭐LiteFarm⭐ [1.16 - 1.20] ⚡Custom Sprouts NEW UPDATE⚡

MC Plugin ⭐LiteFarm⭐ [1.16 - 1.20] ⚡Custom Sprouts NEW UPDATE⚡ 2.10.6
New Farming System | Custom Plants | Custom Drop | Fertilizers | Crops | Biomes | Custom Sprouts

  • Region support changes
  • The USE flag is reserved for WG
  • The HARVEST flag is reserved for Lands
  • Fixed processing of bukkit commands (Bukkit cannot accept slashes and this confused many server owners)
  • Improved handling of Ageble plant status. (Thanks westray03 for the report)
  • Added age function for custom sprouts.
  • Fixed a watering error when using a bucket of water and a flask with water (Thanks _wolf1ch)
  • Fixed quick harvest of plants with custom growth stages
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