⭐ Jukebox Plus ⭐ Better Jukeboxes & Custom Discs/Songs

MC Plugin ⭐ Jukebox Plus ⭐ Better Jukeboxes & Custom Discs/Songs 3.5.1
Totally enhances JukeBoxes! Custom songs, loop, shuffle, autostart mode, custom radius, etc.

Getting bored of vanilla Jukeboxes?

Jukebox Plus totally enhances Jukeboxes!
Finally, Minecraft's Jukeboxes behave just like real ones! Each Jukebox has a library of music discs. You can easily store a disc inside the Jukebox by rightclicking it. You can loop or shuffle your music, even have them automatically restart on server startup and set a custom radius per Jukebox!

It's also possible to use CUSTOM MUSIC and CUSTOM MUSIC DISCS! You will need to provide a resource pack for that, though. Please use mono (not stereo) files, otherwise the radius feature will not work. (Future versions will automatically generate and provide a resource pack)
Just imagine this:
You are a random player who doesn't know this plugin is installed. Roaming around in the wilderness, you start hearing odd music that slowly gets louder, but you can't figure out where it's coming from. Little do you know that, in a tiny dirt hut hidden at the base of a hill, there is Jukebox blasting mellohi on loop at 512 radius lol.


All features listed below can be individually changed for every single Jukebox!
  • You can store as many music discs inside your Jukeboxes as you want
  • Loop mode: Once the song ends, it automatically restarts
  • Shuffle mode: Shuffle through all songs in the library
  • Autostart mode: Start loop or shuffle mode when the server starts
  • Custom radius: You can define how many blocks away your Jukeboxes blast your music!
  • Support for custom texture packs: You can define the duration and name for each song so that your custom songs can get looped as well!

DEMO SERVER AVAILABLE SOON! Contact me for a plugin preview on a private server.

Allows to interact with Jukeboxes and access the JukeBoxPlus GUI

Allows to change a Jukeboxes' radius

Allows to set a Jukebox to shuffle

Allows to set a Jukebox to loop

Allows to set a Jukebox to autostart

Allows to use "/jukebox reload" to reload the config
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