Gangs+ [1.8-1.20]

MC Plugin Gangs+ [1.8-1.20] 2.31.1
An advanced gang system for prison, GTA and PVP servers

Fixed issues with /g regroup command
  • Removed unnecessary & unused config options
  • Added new raw placeholders returning raw number without formatting:
    • gangsplus_gang_wlr_raw
    • gangsplus_gang_kdr_raw
    • gangsplus_gang_bank_raw
    • gangsplus_gang_money_raw
    Full list can be found here:
  • Added default values for placeholders when player isn't in a gang

Upgrading from previous versions
Update your config.yml according to the example:
  • Add the placeholders section to the bottom of the file
  • Fixed problems with kicking out some members from gangs
Fixed plugin being compiled with wrong Java version
Fixed console errors when using /g top
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