Executable Levers - Scalable levers to execute custom commands

MC Plugin Executable Levers - Scalable levers to execute custom commands [1.19.4-1.20.4]
Place scalable Levers and customize their triggers

Executable Levers
Imagine and create ! Infinite possibilities !

Add Activators / Triggers per lever
ExecutableLevers allows you to add activators per lever. These activators can have custom requirements such as mana, experience points, money, or specific items to be used. This feature makes it possible to create unique and interactive levers that can be used for various purposes in the game.
Spoiler: List of Activators / Triggers

Custom Scale / rotation
The plugin allows you to modify the scale and the rotation of the levers.

Based on SCore
In your activators you will have access to over 100 custom pre-made commands and 100 custom pre-made conditions that can be used to create complex and interactive gameplay mechanics. And you can even code your own because SCore is Open Source. Commands - Conditions

Easy in-game editor / Easy installation
An in-game editor and easy installation process make it simple for users to create and install plugins without requiring technical knowledge.

Very open to suggestions
The plugin is in its early phase, I'm open if you have suggestions to improve it.

Don't support redstone power
Due to how it works these lever dont support redstone power for the moment, but probably in the future, I will serach a solution to implement it.

Documentation & Active Support
The provision of documentation and active support ensures that users can create and troubleshoot their plugins with ease. Discord
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