EcoEnchants ⭕ 250+ Enchantments ✅ Create Custom Enchants ✨ Essentials/CMI Support

MC Plugin EcoEnchants ⭕ 250+ Enchantments ✅ Create Custom Enchants ✨ Essentials/CMI Support 12.6.0
A custom enchantments plugin that doesn't suck.

- Fixed a long list of bugs related to slots
- Added several new effects/conditions and made several improvements to existing effects/conditions (Thanks Callum!)
- Several memory optimisations (Thanks Casper!)

While it does technically support 1.20.6, EcoEnchants SHOULD NOT be used on production 1.20.6 servers!
Due to internal changes related to Enchantments, EcoEnchants should not be run on 1.20.6 servers. These issues do not exist in 1.21+ which will work fine, but for now you should stay on 1.20.4.
- Added in_slot condition, see here for more info:
- API: Added SlotType.isOrContains(SlotType) for compatibility with CombinedSlotType
- API: Added SlotItemProvidedHolder<T> which should be used instead of ItemProvidedHolder when fetching holders when possible
- Temporarily disabled holder refresh cooldown due to bugs
- Fixed memory leaks with add_holder, add_holder_in_radius, and add_holder_to_victim (Thanks Casper!)
- Massively improved general plugin performance with new holder refresh cooldown, set to 250ms by default but can be changed or disabled entirely (Thanks Casper!)
- API: Added Dispatcher<*>.forceRefreshHolders() if the cache must be bypassed. This should only be used in exceptional circumstances.
- Triggers that are disabled (i.e. not in use) will no longer have their listeners registered at all, improving performance and massively reducing memory use
- Trigger and TriggerData hashcodes are now lazy-evaluated instead of being evaluated on each call, improving performance (Thanks Casper!)
- Various improvements and fixes to several triggers, including fixing potential memory leaks (Thanks Casper!)
- Fixed dupe bug for some items with multiply_drops
- Fixed alt_click
- More optimisations to move and change_chunk
- Fixed item_points_above, item_points_below, item_points_equal (Thanks OfTeN!)
- Fixed disabled triggers still running
- Fixed add_holder_in_radius
- Fixed memory leak with add_holder_to_victim
- Improved hashCode() performance under load for holders (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- Added optional check for meta (defaults to true) for switching to an item updating the holders (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- AFK Players will no longer have their holders updated by default (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- Fixed regen_multiplier (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- Various small optimisations to effect triggering (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- spawn_particle now runs async (Thanks Kapitowa!)
- Significantly improved performance of ItemHolderFinder, this has been the main source of performance issues for users
- Fixed cancel_event not always working as expected
- Fixed condition-not-met lore not respecting some placeholders
- give_item effect now supports multiple items (Thanks OfTeN!)
- Improved send_message and shear_entity triggers (Thanks OfTeN!)
- Fixed severe bugs with static trigger
- Fixed severe bugs with /libreforge trigger
- Fixed many bugs with various effects, triggers, conditions, etc caused by reload
- Fixed many more other bugs
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