✅ DropEdit 2 - Advanced Drop Editor ✍️ Edit drops in a GUI!

MC Plugin ✅ DropEdit 2 - Advanced Drop Editor ✍️ Edit drops in a GUI! 1.1.68
A very easy loot table editor that allows you adding custom mob drops, block drop, and fish drops!



DropEdit2 is a GUI based plugin that makes configuring drops easy. The plugin lets you configure drops from blocks, from mobs and from fishing.
Thanks to the GUI, you're able to add any item you want, including those with lores, displaynames, enchantments and even NBT-Data!
In addition, DropEdit2 offers a menu for setting a custom experience drop for killing mobs, mining blocks and catching fishes. In addition, you can add commands that are executed when "dropped".



Currently, there are three drop types that can be configured using DropEdit2. To edit the drops, use the following command:

permission: dropedit.admin


Mob drops
The mob drop configuration is reachable by selecting the bone item after typing /dropedit. There you just need to choose an entity.
- configurable item and experience drop upon death
- drops for different spawn flags aka spawn reasons
- toggleable vanilla drops

Spawn flags:

Within the options menu for mobs, you can disable or enable certain spawning flags when clicking on the "paper" item. An enabled flag means that the configured drops will drop when a mob dies when previously spawned by the respective spawn reason. To give an example: If you want to prevent players from farming rare item by standing next to a mob farm that spawns monsters by spawners, just disable the flag "SPAWNER".

Block drops
Block drops are found in the second option the main GUI provides. In this menu, you need to put in any block you want.
- configurable item and experience drop when breaking a certain block type
- data values are supported
- flags for certain events
- toggleable vanilla drops

Event flags:
Analogous to the mob drops, block drops also support flags, but for other events. In this case, there are three events which are toggleable:
defines whether or not custom drops should drop when breaking a block in the given mode
enabling this option will prevent players from obtaining configured drops twice after replacing a block.

Fishing drops
- configurable item and experience drop when fishing
The fishing drops can be found using the last option on the main menu.
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