【ChatSentry】: AI backed chat filter, anti-spam, anti-ad, automod, & more. [1.8-1.20.x]

MC Plugin 【ChatSentry】: AI backed chat filter, anti-spam, anti-ad, automod, & more. [1.8-1.20.x] 5.4.8
The superior message filtration system. Ideal for any kind of server. Ready out of the box.

Supported* Server Types:-------Spigot, Paper, CraftBukkit, BungeeCord**
*other types may work, however, minimal to no support will be provided for directly related issues on unsupported server types
**ChatSentry is not fully a proxy plugin, meaning it must be installed not just on the proxy, but on all Spigot/Paper/etc. servers as well. Adding the plugin to your proxy creates a bridge allowing for cross server communication between ChatSentry instances on your network


Meet ChatSentry, a super easy to use, yet incredibly effective and sophisticated chat & message filtration, control, and management system that seamlessly integrates with your server to add astoundingly smart filtration and protection against many kinds of chat/message abuse public servers are subject to, without interfering with players who are just playing your server as it should.

Composed of unique, powerful, custom detection logic and dynamically tuning checks that have been expertly engineered and rigorously trained, ChatSentry has incorporated top notch recognition abilities in to each and every check it offers that won't disappoint you.


Introducing intelligent dialogue awareness, capable of providing real time self tuning based off context prediction; a unique feature of ChatSentry allowing the plugin to truly understand the nature of your servers chat in ways other plugins have never been able to.

Through efficient and deep analysis of players messages, including speed and typing patterns, the plugin can intelligently recognize and block players trying to bypass or exploit its filters, whether by adding additional letters, symbols, numbers, etc. to their messages, stretching words, and so forth - just like a real human mod!

Not only does the plugin support filtration of chat and commands, but applicable modules also support signs, anvils, and books, for complete protection across all contexts of messages.

On top of this, many features include specially designed subchecks specifically designed to detect players using hacked clients and cheats to try and bypass checks, write in unicode based fonts, parrot other players, and more.


Say goodbye to those trolls who join just to cause havoc - ChatSentry will take care of them without hassle.

The plugin comes equipped with a fully decked out with an auto-punishment system that works to automagically deal with and punish players who excessively trigger the plugins filters and restrictions within similar time frames.

Use the preconfigured setup, or create your own custom punishment rules per filter / restriction; set how many times a player must trigger particular filters before executing configured commands or actions on them, and more. Ex. after triggering the word and phrase filter 5 times within 24 hours mute the violator, after triggering it 10 times within 24 hours ban them.


As well as automated tools, ChatSentry provides your admins with useful utilities like instant chat clearing, panic mode which disables all chat from non-authorized users, a manual non-filter related warning system integrated with the auto punisher, a built in, highly detailed logging system with easy old log data purging to save detections & or blocked/modified actions, fully integrated with a custom in-game lookup engine that allows filtered searches so you can focus in on the results you're looking for, server lockdown mode which toggles a lock on your server that can either block unseen before/unknown players from joining, or everybody except those who are on the exemption list, and more tools.


ChatSentry offers tons of settings to allow you to fine tune the plugin to exactly what your server needs.

Don't feel like going through each setting? You're in luck! Virtually everything comes pre-configured to what's recommended for most servers, allowing you to spend as little or as much time as you want setting things up. Simply drop ChatSentry into your plugins folder, enable the core modules/checks you'd like, and let it do the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

Don't worry, you won't have to figure out ridiculously complex and confusing configurations.

Note: Any features, filters and restrictions you don't want can be modified, disabled or bypassed with permissions. Everything is customizable!


Apply filters to chat, or choose to apply filters to both chat and commands (even signs, anvils, and books too!)
  • some features default to blacklist all commands except private messaging commands to prevent false positives, however they can be changed to be applied to any or all commands
  • applicable features additionally can filter text on signs, items renamed in anvils, and text written in books for complete complete protection across all contexts of messages

Block players from sending lots of messages or commands quickly
  • has a configurable cooldown, applied commands list, and limits

Accurately block spammy messages

  • Block players repeating the same or similar word or phrase over and over in the same message
  • Block flood-like messages disguised as separate words to get around typical flood filters
  • Block excessive keyboard smash
Block players from repeating the same or similar message quickly

  • comes with configurable limits of the amount of times players can repeat the same or similar message within x amount of time
  • can detect bots/players appending random sequences of numbers and other characters to their messages to try and evade the filter

Intelligently block numeric server ips and advertising
  • in addition to chat and commands, can filter through signs, anvils, and books
  • detects blatant advertising; ex. join https://spigotmc.org!
  • detects substituted advertising; ex. join spigotmc <dot> org! or join spigotmc[.]org!
  • detects numeric ips; ex. join!

Intelligently block links and websites, including links in any language
  • in addition to chat and commands, can filter through signs, anvils, and books
  • domains can be whitelisted
  • all subdomains can be of a domain can be auto whitelisted
  • detects all variations of links including but not limited to:
    • links with or without https:// or http://
    • links with or without www.
    • links with no specified directory (with or without domain.com/example/link)
  • can detect any domains, or just the (roughly) 1,500 most widely used (TLD) domains for a significant increase in detection accuracy

Intelligently block swears / configured words and phrases
  • in addition to chat and commands, can filter through signs, anvils, and books
  • detects words/phrases that are similar blocked entries.
  • detects mixing character case; ex. wOW instead of wow
  • detects numeric substation of characters; ex. w0w instead of wow
  • detects exaggeration of parts of words; ex. wwooooooowwww instead of wow
  • detects additional characters to attempt to confuse the filter; ex. w!!-O?-ws instead of wow
  • detects left out letters/parts of the blocked content, or purposefully misspelling; ex. cahtcentry instead of chatsentry
  • choose to censor the message and still have it shown, or have it blocked entirely

Modify and or perform actions triggered by defined chat messages/commands using simple or complex matching techniques

  • supports regular (regex) expressions
  • supports plain text
  • will match regardless of character case
  • replace matches with new text, or block the message entirely
  • optionally send a message, broadcast a message, run console commands, or run commands as the player, when their message is matched
  • utilize select parts / arguments of the matched message in actions
  • set match entries to only work with chat messages, or only work with commands, or work with both

Automatically reply publicly or privately to players asking common server questions, or perform various actions

  • ex. keep chat clean by automatically replying to variations of players asking for staff or to apply privately

Automatically fix players' messages grammar and fix common typos

  • automatically capitalize the first letter of the first word after a new sentence
  • automatically add periods to the end of applicable messages
  • automatically fix common typos (ex. changing youre to you're)
    • ignores appending periods to short messages such as "xD"
    • ignores capitalizing short messages such as "xD"
  • comes with a configurable typo replacement list, and settings to turn individual features of the module on or off

Remove or block special characters used by hacked clients to bypass filters
  • in addition to chat and commands, can filter through signs, anvils, and books
  • can be set to detect and remove/block all unicode (not recommended)
  • can be set to only detect and remove/block ascii lookalike unicode used by clients
  • virtually all alphanumeric lookalike unicode supported by MC (and used by clients) is able to be detected and blocked

Intelligently block use of excessive CAPS
  • can differentiate between blatant cap spamming and people using proper grammar in long messages

Block chat usage on join until movement to combat spam bots
  • even if the bots are smart enough to mindless move around, other modules such as the spam blocker will detect them

Block players using hacked clients to automatically "parrot" (copy) players chat
  • can be set to use advanced intelligence algorithms to detect more premium clients that parrot messages but add or remove letters/symbols to attempt to bypass filters.
  • can detect bots/players appending random sequences of numbers and other characters to their messages to try and evade the filter
  • can be set to ignore very short messages like "lol" or "xD" to decrease chances of false positive detections.

Block sudden & excessive increases of logins to prevent bot join flooding
  • admins or players with bypass permission will be exempt even if the server is actively blocking other logins

Auto-shorten unintentional chat flooding messages like Heyyyyyyy to Heyyy
  • comes with a configurable character repetition limit
  • supports character specific repetition rules so certain characters to be repeated more or less than others.
  • comes with a configurable maximum word length limit (custom character rules are ignored in calculation)
  • can be set to ignore long links, even if they exceed the maximum "word" length limit

Block the use of prefixed commands to bypass filters and or discover sensitive server information
  • can automagically force-run prefixed commands without the prefix on users without bypass permission

Block intentional chat flood messages like dh22uhhdhwuididhdidwjwdihd8ihdjwdwhduwd3u
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