3D Chrome Generator Photoshop

3D Chrome Generator Photoshop 2020-10-31
Easy to use 3D Photoshop Action

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Easy to use 3D Photoshop Action
3D Chrome Generator is useful Photoshop action for creating real 3D objects from flat images. You can get realistic 3D Mirror Chrome object very easy.
3D feature in Photoshop gives a lot of opportunities: you can choose any position, any angle, you can fine tune lighting and shadows.
So realistic mirror chrome!
Chrome reflects the environment. Therefore, with different backgrounds you will get different effects. Try different backgrounds, try texts and logos, shapes and vector images.
So many possibilities!

Fantastic Chrome Effect
Reflection of the Environment
Choose any Position
Choose any Angles
Choose Lighting Direction

How it works:

Put background and your text/logo/shape etc
Install and play action
Choose view, lighting direction
Render image
Save JPG or PNG

What you get:

ATN files – action files. Just drag and drop into your Photoshop
PSD file – psd file for easy start. Contains example background and text
PDF file – help file with instructions
VIDEO TUTORIAL – video demonstration of how to install and use action, customize 3D object, render it and save.
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