1. FateKid

    XF2 Addons AndyB Paid registrations v1.1

    Description: Allows account upgrade before registering. Once the payment has been made the user is asked to register. (Example of Paid registration page) (Example of Options page) (Example of Paid registration admin) Features: Supports Stripe payment profile. Supports Permanent...
  2. FateKid

    XF2 Addons AndyB Search bbcode content 1.0

    Description: Search bbcode content. Allows searching for specific characters contained in bbcodes. (Example of Options page) (Example of Search bbcode content results page) Features: All phrases start with searchbbcodecontent_ for your convenience. How to use: Update the Options...
  3. FateKid

    XF2 Addons AndyB Search all usernames 1.1

    Description: Allows finding all usernames in auto complete fields. By default XenForo username search fields only finds members if their last activity has been with the past 180 days. This add-on overcomes this limit by searching all usernames. (Example of Options page) (Example of Find...
  4. FateKid

    XF2 Addons Andyb Attach update all 1.1

    Description: Updates attach BB code from full to thumbs or thumbs to full. (Example of attach BB code full) (Example of attach BB code thumb) (Example of Options page) How to use: In the options page, select Full to thumbs, or deselect for thumbs to full. Add 'attachupdateall' to...
  5. FateKid

    XF2 Addons Andyb Retain EXIF 1.0

    Description: Retains EXIF data in attachments. With this add-on installed, attach images which have been resized will retain the EXIF data. This add-on requires Imagick as the default image processor.
  6. FateKid

    XF2 Addons Andyb Most Threads 1.0

    Description: Displays a Most threads widget. (Example of Most threads widget) (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions) Features: Option to exclude secondary user groups. All phrases start with mostthreads_ for your convenience. Creating the widget: Admin...
  7. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] Schedule thread 1.0

    Description: Schedule thread for future posting to specific forum. This add-on allows the admin to prepare a thread ahead of time and have it automatically published at a future date. The thread will be created in a private forum and must not contain any replies. (Example of Schedule thread...
  8. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] Rebuild post reactions cache 1.5

    Description: Rebuilds post reactions cache. This add-on is useful to remove deleted members reactions. (Example of Rebuild now button) Features: Can be run from ACP or as CLI. All phrases start with rebuildpostreactionscache_ for your convenience. Run from browser: If your forum has...
  9. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] Twizzle 1.0

    Description: Adds a Custom BB codes called Twizzle. This add-on uses the Twizzle API to display an animated Rubik's cube. (Example post) (Example of Options page) Setup: In the src/Andy/Twizzle directory, copy the twizzle.php file to your /misc directory. Update the Options page with...
  10. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] Showcase 1.1

    Description: Shows first attachment of member's threads from selected forums. (Example of Showcase button in profile page) (Example of Showcase page) (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions) Features: All phrases start with showcase_ for your convenience...
  11. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] Remove insert full image 1.5

    Description: Removes insert full image option during message composing. All inserted image attachments will be inserted as thumbnails with this add-on. (Example of attachment upload list) (Example of User group permissions) User group permissions: If you would like to give the ability...
  12. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] Auto ads manager 1.2

    Description: Manages your Google Auto ads advertising. (Example of Options page) Setup: Get your Google Adsense Auto Ads code and copy the Client ID. Enter the Client ID into the Options page. Exclude any user groups and or forums as needed. Questions and answers: Q: Which pages are...
  13. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] Delete posts banned 1.3

    Description: Deletes all posts made by banned users. (Example of Delete posts banned page) (Example of Options page) Features: Physically deletes all posts and threads made by banned users. Option to limit the number of posts to delete at one time. All phrases start with...
  14. FateKid

    XF2 Addons XFRM history 1.1

    Description: Displays a history of your previously viewed resources. (Example of History link) (Example of History page) (Example of User group permissions) Features: All phrases start with xfrmhistory_ for your convenience.
  15. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] Region registration check 1.0

    Description: Blocks registration from specified regions. (Example of options page) (Example of error message) Features: Uses for accurate country locations. All phrases start with regionregistrationcheck_ for your convenience. Setup: Enter Region codes and County code into...
  16. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] Remove lazy load 1.0

    Description: Removes lazy load function in posts. If you view a thread with many images, the lazy load function only starts to display the image as you scroll. This leads to an unpleasant user experience because you have to wait for images to load. This add-on removes the lazy load function...
  17. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] Editor manager 1.1

    Description: Manages several options allowed to be used in the editor. (Example of Options page) Remove HTML tags: This allows removing tags when you paste text into the editor. For example pasting text which contain the will be removed as the h1 through h6 tags are not allowed. Remove...
  18. FateKid

    XF2 Addons AndyB Data check 1.2

    Description: Checks for missing data attachment files. This add-on is designed to be run by the admin to verify all attachments have associated data files. These files are located in the data/attachments directory. (Example of Data check page) (Example of Options page) How to use: Only...
  19. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] New post email staff by forum 1.0

    Description: Sends an email to staff when a new post is created in selected forums. (Example of email) (Example of Options page) Questions and answers: Q: If any of the staff members creates a new post, will an email be sent? A: No.
  20. FateKid

    XF2 Addons [AndyB] New content limit by user 1.0

    Description: Limits the number of new threads and posts allowed by selected users. (Example of error message) (Example of Options page) Features: All phrases start with newcontentlimitbyuser_ for your convenience.
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