RealisticSeasons | 1.16.3-1.19.2 | Seasons in your minecraft world | With temperature and calendar!

Premium Nulled Plugins RealisticSeasons | 1.16.3-1.19.2 | Seasons in your minecraft world | With temperature and calendar! 10.1.4



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> Supported plugins
- PlaceHolderAPI
- TimePauser
- WorldGuard
- DeadlyDisasters
- Terralith
- Floodgate/GeyserMC
- Dynmap
- MythicMobs (custom season conditions may not work, random spawns and normal biome-specific spawns work)
- ItemsAdder
- Other world generators
- RoseLoot
- ViaBackwards/ViaRewind
- TimeBar
> Installation
Download RealisticSeasons on this page
2. Download ProtocolLib
3. Put both downloaded jars into the plugins folder of your server
4. Restart your server
5. Go to the world you want seasons in and type /rs set spring. This will set the season in your world to spring and it will also automatically activate the temperature and calendar system. The season cycle starts too.
6. (Optionally) change the configuration
> More information
- Commands & Permissions
- Configuration files
- Biome system
- GitHub issues
- Wiki
- Seasons
- Calendar
- Temperature
- Particles
- bStats
> Will this plugin damage my worlds?
Not at all. Keeping your worlds safe has always been priority number one. The plugin does not mess with vanilla mechanics: biomes are never changed (the custom biomes are injected last minute before the data gets send to the player, no world changes happen), block changes are safe and can be reversed and only animals spawned by the plugin will get despawned. The plugin doesn't mess with ice and snow that has been placed by the world generator. The plugin is also safe to install on already existing worlds and it will never ruin your vanilla mc experience.
> Is my world generator supported?
Yes, all world generators are supported out-of-the-box. This includes world generators with custom biomes.

> Do my users need a resourcepack?
No, your users do not have to install anything. The plugin also does not require optifine. A normal vanilla minecraft client will be able to see all the colours. The plugin uses custom biomes for the colours.
> Test server
Want to test the plugin first? View all seasons, the calendar and temperature on the server Minecraft version is 1.19.2
> Unsupported software
- Mohists (forge-based server)
> Source code
Need access to the source code for your project? All buyers can get access to the code. Send me a message for access.
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed error for 1.17 users

    - Fixed common error happening on 1.17 servers
  2. Fixed DayLightCycle issue

    - fixed issue with daylightcycle. The plugin would sometimes unnecessarily turn it off after...
  3. Bug fixes

    - Fixed multiple errors
  4. Fixed barrier issues and other bugs

    - Fixed issues with snow and barriers - Fixed some other bugs
  5. Test of new system: unloaded chunk unfreezing and bug fixes

    - Added new test system: unloaded chunk unfreezing - Enable it by setting "test-mode" to true in...
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