MC Plugin PlayerVaultsX 4.2.17
PlayerVaults with NBT support and more

This update does not bring 1.20.6 Spigot support. This plugin does work on 1.20.6 on certain other server softwares, and I am working hard to bring 1.20.6 support to Spigot (which is the only one incompatible currently, sorry!)

New feature: /pvconsole openforplayer <player> <owner> <vaultid>
Allows you to run a command on the console to pop open a certain vault without perm checks.

New feature: AxVaults converter. Converts all player vaults from AxVaults. Does not bring over block-based vaults, currently.
Talk to me on Discord if you have other needs for this or other plugins being converted.
Some configurations were unable to save/load vaults on 1.20.4 - this update should resolve that. Let me know if you run into trouble!
Fixed a bug where it was hard to delete vaults for players under certain conditions
Oops. Now the update checker shouldn't behave like an excited puppy.
If you erase your world, but keep your player vaults, the plugin will now let you look up the vaults of players who haven't been online since you wiped the world.

Minor inconvenience fixed.
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