VEGAS ⭐ CASINO PLUGIN ► 16 GAME MODES [1.12 - 1.20.6]

MC Plugin VEGAS ⭐ CASINO PLUGIN ► 16 GAME MODES [1.12 - 1.20.6] 1.12-1.20.6
• 16 minigames: poker, roulette, blackjack, stairs, lottery, crash, classic and etc.

- Fixed model pick up, when player stay above a block
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- Added functionality for adding models for casino machines.
- Added resource pack.
- Added a number of crash checks in poker mode.
- Fixed roulette mode.
- Fixed Dice mode.
- Fixed sale of chips by direct clicking in the inventory.
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- Fixed bug of menu overlay on another menu. A bug was called when renaming the menu title and following the command /vegas reload.
- Fixed Dice bug.
- Fixed single mode icon with disabled animation.
- If it is impossible to add chips to the inventory - they will fall out
- Correction of config values.
- Adding a number of values to memory to reduce requests
- Downgraded java version to run stable on 1.12.2-1.15.2
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