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Hello, is this website safe to use? How can i make sure that the plugins are safe?
This site is safe to use. Our system has host malware detection and will block any malicious file uploads.
You can also just use my resources, if you'd prefer to use some that you can know are safe.
EasyBackup ⭐ Easy and powerful backup service - Protecting servers since 2015 was deleted. Reason: Non descriptive review with no resolution
you put in nothing that doesn't work and then remove the good applause
When a review has no added information, where I cannot debug or provide assistance to resolve the issue, I remove them. They are "Non descriptive review"
[01:31:55 INFO]: [EasyBackup] Disabling EasyBackup...
[01:31:55 INFO]: [EasyBackup] Reason: License System - Sorry, but modifications of this plugin are not allowed. Please download a new copy (8)
[01:31:55 INFO]: [EasyBackup] ----------------------------------------

PLS FIX IT, really need it
This is being fixed as we speak. Their licensing system is aids to work with :p
wtf xd ? [01:31:55 INFO]: [EasyBackup] Disabling EasyBackup...
Hey, can you please update Cobalt if you have the newest version? It would mean a lot, thanks in advance!
update matrix to 6.7.1 pls daddyyyyy
Seen and noted ;) will get to it. Got so many to update.
Hi, is there a support for account upgrade helps? I have an issue with the upgrades
My premium expires tomorrow. Will it extend auto or should I pay again? If it will exten auto, how can I deactivate it?
We do not enable auto renew for payments, for your peace of mind. Pay for when you want it :)

You’ll need to wait for your current membership to expire before purchasing again.
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