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Hello everyone,

First I’d like to apologize for the lengthened downtime (10/28/2020). The staff team was hard at work implementing a brand-new currency system!
This new currency system allows you to earn downloads, unique user perks, ranks & more!

I want to explain the currencies system to you all, and please pay attention! Ideally in the future, schmeckles will become a big part of how you earn rewards & interact with our forums.

What Are Schmeckles?

Schmeckles are part of our in-house currency system. You can earn schmeckles by participating throughout our entire community! Things like logging in, uploading a resource & building a positive reaction reputation will help build you towards a better profile - with better features & eligibility.

You can earn up to 500 Schmeckles a day.


Redeeming Schmeckles

Downloading Resources-1 Schmeckle
Redeeming Shop ItemsSee Shop Item Price (click me)
All Access Weekends-150 Schmeckles
+100s of unique and interesting activities as we progress

If you've earned enough schmeckles for a reward, you can utilize our shop! With your hard-earned schmeckles, go ahead and purchase yourself some personal profile styling effects, or maybe save up for that weekend in VIP! It's up to you on how you spend them, but we assure you - The options will be 🍇 fruitful.

Remember! As a free member, you're allowed 5 daily downloads. This number increases as your ranking goes up. Once you've reached your daily download limit, you must wait 24-hours before spending your schmeckles on downloading more resources.


We want schmeckles to play a big role in how you interact with our resource content & access personal features. Users who take the time to participate in our community are granted much better features than users who aren't as active. This not only helps our forums grow, but it keeps you active and engaged with the content you already love!
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