NullForums Staff Application Guidelines

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So you're interested in becoming a staff member of this community?
We're looking for new moderators to help contain and control our downloads ecosystem and forums community sections.

Moderators responsibilities are (but not limited to):
  • Removal of maliciously related content (incorrectly listed downloads, unsafe files)
  • Quality Control of our download categories (editing listings to correctly represent the download content)
  • Spam / Quality Control of our forums categories (removing spam-like content and low-quality posts)
  • Generalized kindness and help throughout our community platforms (assisting members, providing generalized support)
  • Bi-weekly team catch-up meeting to cover the requirements ahead.
In return, moderators receive the following benefits:
  • Unlimited Daily Downloads !!!
  • All Premium Content Access (Minecraft & Webmaster Lifetime, for free)
  • Elevated access throughout our community sections

These requirements are non-negotiable.
If you are found to be untrue to any of these conditions, your application will be immediately denied and further application options limited.
  • 16+ years of age.
  • Basic English language skills.
  • Well-known and active community member.
  • Active member of the community for at least 3 months.
  • Friendly towards all members of the community.
  • Various examples of being helpful towards the community.
  • Basic understanding of Minecraft, XenForo & IPS Forums Layout - no technical skills required.
  • A Discord account joined to the NullForums Discord server
It would also be appreciated if you can provide your timezone.

Members who apply with low-quality applications will be immediately denied. The ability to apply in the future might also be limited.
Spend time writing this application - you may not receive another chance to impress us.

We will be double checking as much as we can, and if we determine that you have been untrue for any of the answers, your application will be rejected and you won't be allowed to make a new one. We reserve the right to decline your application with or without reason.

Apply for our moderator position here
(you won't see other members threads in this section, only your own.)

Good luck to all who apply! See you on the other side ;)
This content is read-only, or is not open for further replies.

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