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Here Are the Lyrics to Bryson Tiller’s ‘Outta Time,’ Feat. Drake


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It’s about time Bryson Tiller and Drake teamed up on a track, and the two delivered “Outta Time” from Tiller’s latest studio album, Anniversary.

The song samples Snoh Aalegra’s “Fool for You” while contemplating whether the two crooners should stick with their significant others in toxic relationships despite running out of time to fix them.

Check out the lyrics below.

I’ve been thinkin’ maybe
Things were never the
Way we made ‘em out to be
How we thought they were
Lately, I’m not sure
One thing for sure
Is when we’re together
We’re toxic as ever
Make no mistake, all the roads lead
To we shouldn’t be together

I don’t know why I
Still play into your palm
Even though I know what you want
Been twisted off you so long, oh-ho
‘Cause it’s complicated, far from simple
Always find a way to dodge these issues
Can’t seem to shake it, not for nothin’
The problem is we’re not discussin’
All that screamin’, yellin’s not becomin’ of you
Things just can’t be fixed, we’re out of time

Time, oh yeah
Oh yeah (oh yeah)
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah (yeah), yeah

Oh, sometimes, I don’t
Know, know you, no, not anymore, no
And I can’t wait ’til we find a way to part ways
Seems like your days are dark days
Seems like you’re mad at the small things, I
Admit, it seems like you’re playin’ it the hard way
We fight through the night, all day

I, I still don’t know why I
Still play into your palm
Even though I know what you want
I’ve been twisted on you for so long
For so long, girl (yeah, yeah)
Yeah, got me twisted, I could only wait for so long
For so long, girl (for so long)
Waited so long, but we got no time, no (ooh)

Ooh, babe
Yeah, oh
Woah, oh no

Ooh, baby
Yeah, oh
Woah, oh no

Lyrics licensed & provided by LyricFind

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Written by: Anderson Hernandez, Aubrey Graham, Bryson Tiller, Josh Valle, Marcus James, Noah Shebib, Paul Jefferies, Snoh Nowrozi, Tyler James Bryant

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