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XF2 Addons [XF2SEO] XenForo SEO 2021-12-11
Add custom meta title and description tags to any thread and forum nodes.

Compatible versions
2.0, 2.1, 2.2
It's time to improve on-page SEO and increase traffic for your XenForo forum.

Our SEO add-on makes it really easy, even for an average joe.

Custom Meta Tags

Add custom meta title and description tags to any thread and forum nodes.


Robots Index Control

Add noindex meta tag to any XenForo threads and various default pages created by XenForo (What's New, Member Pages, and Help Pages).

Optimize your crawl budget. Encourage Google to spend more time crawling the important threads and posts on your forum.



Internal Linking

Improve and optimize your internal linking structure by automatically link keywords and pages throughout your forum.



Redirection Manager

Create and manage 301 redirects right directly from your XenForo admin dashboard. No server knowledge required! You don't even need to edit your .htaccess file.


Visit our homepage for more information. An in-depth overview and usage of each feature can be found on our Support page.

Feedback, questions, and bug reports are welcomed :)

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Customize Your XenForo 2 Community

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