[XenGenTr] XFRM Extras system - English language patch

Premium XF2 Mods [XenGenTr] XFRM Extras system - English language patch 1.0.2
Working English translation for the popular XFRM Extras System.

Briefly and the most important feature of the plugin is that you can set limits and limits for download in the Resource Manager field.

For example, the X message cannot download without X likes. As you can download X files daily.
This plugin was inspired by this plugin and developed. It has no connection with the specified plugin.
Ekelenti is already used in this forum.
  • It can update all sources.
  • Can evaluate all sources.
  • See who downloaded the source
  • See the resources downloaded in your profile
  • You can't download the source without reacting
  • Set the number of responses so that you can download resources.
  • Limit the number of files that can be downloaded within 24 hours.
  • Force X message count before resource can be downloaded.
  • It gives the user an information message with a warning.
  • You can get more detailed information about the warning with the help page.
  • A topic from the forum can be added to the alerts, link to the article.
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