Wizards ❱ Domination/KoTH Minigame

MC Plugin Wizards ❱ Domination/KoTH Minigame
Domination | Leaderboards | Classes or Kits | Special Effects/Systems | Mounts | Bungee/ MultiArena

Wizards is a Domination game.
Select your Wizard class and capture the map objectives to score.​

  • Multi-Arena and BungeeCord support.
  • Achievements.
  • SQLite and MySQL support.
  • Extremely configurable.
    • Signs, Scoreboard, messages, options and more.
  • Save and restore player inventory, levels and more.
  • API with Game events.
  • Custom items.
  • Leveling Up/Ranking System.
  • Game top Kills.
  • Holographic Leaderboards.
    • Top Damage, Heal, Kills and Wins.
  • Reward System.
  • Class Script system.
  • Kits or Classes.
  • Kill-Assist system.
  • Avoid constant draws.
  • Very easy to setup.
  • Mounts.
  • NEW: Powerups!
  • NEW: Spectator System!

If you have any issues, report via discussion or private message. Do not use the rating area to report bugs or request features. Please go to discussion.

Default Game System
If you don't want to have skills and want to enable a kit system this is 100% possible, this system will be available soon with more gamemodes.

Wizards can run all systems by himself, however, you can install Holographic Displays to enable Leaderboards and Vault to work with global economy.

You can also install ItemBridge to hook with QualityArmory. You should be able to use CrackShot without ItemBridge.

PlaceholderAPI support
The following placeholders are available, they are self explanatory:


-- Arena Placeholders --

Usage example (DeluxeMenus):

An extra placeholder is %wizards_team_color% that returns player's team color, if in game. This was added in case you need to use a third party nametag plugin.


Arena setup
Required permission: wizards.setup
First of all set global spawn using /wizards setgspawn
  1. Create your arena - /wizards create <name>.
  2. Add spawn - /wizards setLocation <name> <location>
    1. Locations: BLUE_SPAWN, RED_SPAWN, LOBBY.
  3. Add arena objective - /wizards setObjective <name> <objective>
    1. Objectives: A, B, C.
    2. Objectives are a 3x3 area with e beacon on center of the objective (center set by this command)
  4. Set min players - /wizards setMinPlayers <name> <amount>
  5. Set max players - /wizards setMaxPlayers <name> <amount>
  6. (Optional) Set arena bounds /wizards setBounds <arena>
    1. Use the tool /wizards wand to select arena corners.
    2. It will prevent players from leaving the arena while in-game.
  7. Finish setup and create game - /wizards finish <name>
Objectives are a 3x3 area with e beacon on center.

Sign format:
  1. [Wizards]
  2. join
  3. ArenaName

You need HolographicDisplays to work with Leaderboards, just use the placeholder:
  • {wizards_wins_number}
    • e.g: {wizards_wins_1} will return player with most wins.
    • {wizards_wins_2} etc
  • {wizards_kills_number}
    • e.g: {wizards_kills_1} will return player with most checkpoints
    • {wizards_kills_2} etc
  • {wizards_kills_NUMBER}
    • %kills% from player.
  • {wizards_wins_NUMBER}
    • %wins% from player.
  • {wizards_damage_NUMBER}
    • %damage% from player.
  • {wizards_healing_NUMBER}
    • %healing% from player.


Command: wizards
Aliases: wzds, wrz.
  • /wizards join <arena> - no permission.
  • /wizards leave - no permission.
  • /wizards stats - no permission.
Manager commands

  • /wizards setgspawn - wizards.admin
  • /wizards start <arena> - wizads.moderator/sr.admin
  • /wizards stop <arena> - wizads.moderator/sr.admin
  • /wizards reload - wizards.admin
    • SAVES all config files.
  • /wizards coins set/add/remve <player> <amount>
    • Permission: wizards.admin
    • Updates player balance, command will not work with Vault support enabled.
  • /wizards update <player>
    • Permission: wizards.admin
    • Sends a update to database.
  • /wizards updateLeaderboard
    • Permission: wizards.admin
    • Updates the Leaderboard.
  • /wizards portals
    • Permission: wizards.admin
    • Manage arena portals (see below)
  • /wizards reloadClasses
    • Permission: wizards.admin
    • Will reload all classes files, you can now modify a value then use this command to apply the changes.
      • This command reloads all events, so it cannot be used if there is a game running.
  • /wizards kits
    • Permission: wizards.manager.kits
    • /wizards kits create <name> (price) (needsPerm) (perm) (display-item)
      • () are for optional arguments, it has default values: 1000, false, kits.{name}, random item with kit's name.
      • I'd recommend you to manully modify your kit in kits file then using kits reload command.
    • /wizards kits delete <name>
      • Deletes a kit from kits.yml.
    • /wizards kits reload
      • Reloads all kits.
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