Wind ⭐ Add completly custom wind to your Minecraft server ⭐ [25% SALE]

Premium MC Plugin Wind ⭐ Add completly custom wind to your Minecraft server ⭐ [25% SALE] 1.30.3
Has wind ever been seen in minecraft before? I think not. Is it here now? Hell yeah


Wind adds a completely new feature to Minecraft, Wind.

  • 8 new types of wind effects (all listed below), including tornados, fire carried by wind and snowstorms.
  • Geolocation compatebility - have the wind speed and wind direction in your country/city/home applied to your server!
  • Extremely configurable plugin config.
  • Naturally changing wind speed and direction based on algorithms that you can edit yourself
  • Full control over which weather effects should be enabled and at which wind speed
  • Integration with popular land protection plugins (feel free to suggest if yours isn't integrated already)
  • Full language support with 5+ premade language files (with more to come)
Video by Diamondxr
DISCLAIMER: I am not in affiliation with Diamondxr, I haven't sponsored his video neither has he sponsored my plugin. He's a great youtuber though, I accidentally stumbled across this amazing video demonstrating wind.
PLEASE NOTE: In this video he sets the windspeed to multiple thousands of m/s, which is not recommended on a production server. If you want to increase the power of some effects, I suggest you alter their settings in the config
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