VoteParty [New Vote Reminders & NuVotifier Bungee Support] [All-In-One Voting Plugin]

Free MC Plugin VoteParty [New Vote Reminders & NuVotifier Bungee Support] [All-In-One Voting Plugin] 2.35
Vote Rewards, Cumulative Voting, Parties, Leaderboards, Crates, Bungee, Reminders, and more! 1.8+




Reward all online players with customizable rewards when your server gets a certain amount of votes through Votifier!
This system will encourage community involvement with voting as it requires a server-wide amount of votes to be reached to reward players.
VoteParty rewards are executed through console commands so the possibilities are endless as far as what you can give as a reward!
VoteParty contains a simple but very effective way to generate a random, but very customizable reward system based on chance.
You define how common or rare each reward command is!
On top of that, we also offer the ability to have a section of "guaranteed" commands that will always be executed.
VoteParty also offers an optional and customizable "crate" item that allows players to interact with a special item to have a chance at being rewarded from a VoteParty!
VoteParty can also act as a GAListener (give anything listener) via the guaranteed voting rewards.
VoteParty can also allow users to claim rewards when they log in after voting offline.
VoteParty also allows you to track the number of times a player has voted! Want to see how many votes a player has in the past day? Easy. How about a week? Simple. A year? Of course!
VoteParty lets you give EXTRA rewards to users who are voting for the first time. This encourages them to vote to get some extra rewards!
VoteParty gives you the ability to give BONUS rewards for voting on a specific website. This allows you to focus on climbing the list of specific voting websites!
Design leaderboards to allow your top voters to have bragging rights!
If you would like to see VoteParty in action, you can check it out on the server.​
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