VEGAS ⭐ CASINO PLUGIN ► 16 GAME MODES [1.12 - 1.20.6]

MC Plugin VEGAS ⭐ CASINO PLUGIN ► 16 GAME MODES [1.12 - 1.20.6] 1.12-1.20.6
• 16 minigames: poker, roulette, blackjack, stairs, lottery, crash, classic and etc.



You can center or place the blocks at an angle. You need to download the resource pack and change a couple of lines in the plugin config and that’s it!

Resource packs come separately from the plugin!

Blocks Resource Pack + ItemsAdder config

GUIs Resource Pack + ItemsAdder config

Hello everyone. This plugin is designed for various types of servers and adds 16 GUI MINIGAMES. All minigames have their own special mechanics, their own prize boosters and bonuses.

The balance of game modes is optimized and made so that the player can play for a long time with one amount, in other words, winning and losing. But if you want, you can edit this params in config.

You can play in the casino only with the chips of this plugin, which can be bought in the main menu. Plugin uses vault economy!

Left click - buy, Right click with chips on the cursor - sell.

Eco - To make the plugin work with eco, open Vegas.jar with an archiver like WinRaR and delete the kotlin folder. Now it will be compatible!


Money, when a player loses, goes to the account of the city, or is taken from there if he wins. can be turned on and off.

Money, when a player loses, goes to the account of the owner of the table, or is taken from there if he wins. Can be enabled and disabled. The owner cannot play at his table.

In single player modes, the player can hit the jackpot with some chance. The jackpot range can be set in the config. The size of the jackpot also depends on the size of the bet.

Ability to change icons to any material, including heads. Ability to add textures from the resource pack to items. All text in modes can be changed. Lots of languages!

We can see the statistics on the games played, on the number of wins, the number of losses, on the total earnings and losses both in a separate window in the menu, and display using PlaceHolder.
SQL Statistics of all wins, losses and total balance. To do this, specify the database parameters in the config.

✅ SHOP ✅
In the store, you can add more chips, display items, by selling which the player will be able to receive currency. Made it for servers without Vault economy. But the store can also be used or disabled in the config.


If you want to get statistics on games won, losses, jackpots, install the DiscordSRV plugin and activate in the Vegas config which messages you want to receive!​
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1.12-1.20.6 Version
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