Upgradeable Spawners ⭕ Spawner Levels Plugin ✅ Entity Stacking, Butcher - 1.19 Support

Premium MC Plugin Upgradeable Spawners ⭕ Spawner Levels Plugin ✅ Entity Stacking, Butcher - 1.19 Support 3.8.17
Let your players upgrade their spawners!



  • Create unlimited Spawners
    • Unlimited amount (configurable)
    • Unlimited levels (configurable)
    • Spawn every entity (configurable)

  • Best performance you can get
    • Optimised entity spawn (l to improve your servers performance
    • This plugin makes live scans to optimise performance
    • Keeps database access as low as possible
    • No performance lasting database queries
    • Fast checks through key optimising
    • Data optimising
    • It's designed to use as less space as possible at your database server

  • Easy configuration, but still many options
    • Config with in-build explanation
    • Configure Economy
      • Vault economy supported
      • Inbuilt item economy
    • Configure full GUI
      • Edit EVERY item
      • Edit title
      • Edit lore
      • Edit material (item)
      • Edit EVERY title
    • Many options to customise your experience
      • Language fully configurable
      • Edit EVERY message your players will see
      • Send messages as a chat message and / or title and / or action-bar

  • GUI Interface
    • NO commands needed
    • Everything is available in a nice GUI
    • Very easy to understand and use
    • Upgrade menu
      • Upgrade different types of abilities for your spawner
      • Level system
      • Economy support

  • Various options to ensure the highest Performance
    • Our config contains options with which you can let the plugin make detect big collections of entities. It can then limit the spawners in these areas, that it doesn't get too crowded. (optional)
    • Limit spawners by a max entity amount per configurable period (optional)
  • Economy
    • Vault support
    • Item economy
    • Experience economy
    • You can choose what you want.
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