[UNIQUE] SUPERBEDWARS | New gamemode with Unique Perks and Systems. No Bedwars has these features!

Free MC Plugin [UNIQUE] SUPERBEDWARS | New gamemode with Unique Perks and Systems. No Bedwars has these features! 2.0
Newest Bedwars plugin which is created to attract more users with new unique mechanism!


(works with Skript & Repuska)

" We'll help & support for everything... "




Unique Features:
Users can buy special features to increase the hardness of the Bedwars. In the beginning, we only have 5 perks. But new perks will be added with new updates.
  • Bed Mover: Player can change your bed position in the same height.
  • Tricker: When an enemy breaks the player's bed, the player will be teleported to your island and your bed will be regenerated.
  • Faster Respawn: Player will respawn %40 faster.
  • Run Forest Run: Player will get Speed II effect for 15 seconds.
  • Teleporter: Player will be teleported in 5 seconds when the player clicks to the teleport item.

Party & Friends: Players can add other players as friends. Then they can create a party and play together. Friend system also has a function to show the last players in the last game of the player.

Quick Buy: We have added quick buy items in the item menu. So, any player can create their own customized menu. In the beginning, the player has only one quick buy slot. When a player reaches to Level 10, it will open a new slot in quick buy.

Different Play Modes: You can decide whether an arena is played solo, duo or teams of 4. Solo players can also join duo or 4v4 matches.

Leveling System: Players gain XP from kills, bed destructions and play time. Level effects the quick buy feature and player's ranking. Levels can also be seen in the chat.

Helper: When you don't know how to set your server up, you can easily get help from our in-game helper.

Normal Features:
  • Normal Bedwars (If your bed gets broken, your team is eliminated.)
  • Wiki Support (Every detail of the plugin is written.)
  • Bungeecord and MySQL Support
  • Customizable Messages, Scoreboard etc.
  • Statistics (K/D, Wins, Loses, Playtime, Bed Destructions)
  • Arena Management via GUI or commands
  • Spectator Mode
  • User-Friendly (Players can just use GUIs and for owners, all commands are explained)
  • and tons of other things!


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