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This plugin is inspired by Hypixel's Skyblock (www.hypixel.net).

UltimateSkyblock Implement in PvP and pve servers to improve the user experience, providing the user with fabulous features and unique rewards on your server, attracting people to a point they don't want to stop playing!

The plugin supports many Minecraft versions (1.8 - 1.15+).


Schematics System.
Skyblock Principal Lobby System.
Unlimited Islands Creation.
Easy Setup.
[NEW] Events (Fully configurable in Events.yml)
Trades (More of 14 Trades with Rewards and Perks!)
Skills (Mining, Foraging, Farming and much more!)
Fast Shop (100% Configurable Player's Shop)
Collections Rewards!
[NEW] Mistery Boxes! (Rewards 100% Configurable)
Inteligence System.
Help Admin Commands.
Interactive Players Menus.
[NEW] Menu with Visitors Settings.
[NEW] Menu Admin Settings.
Island Shop (Mob Spawner, Can Fly and MysteryBoxes)
BackPack for Players!
Teleport System (/Tp Accept, Tp Deny and more!)
Vault Support or Other Economy plugin.
Permissions Support.
[NEW] Configure important settings (config.yml)
[NEW] Configure Shops (Shops.yml)

• Island Setup video to know how to setup easy an island, this don't take you more than 3 minutes.
Spoiler: Island Setup Tutorial


• Main Menu an interactive menu with a lot of options with hypixel style
Spoiler: Main Menu

• Island Settings this menu is created when you have an island, here you can select multiple options.

Spoiler: Settings


• Admin Menu here you can choose your custom flags for customize your island.

Spoiler: Admin Menu


• Members Menu here you can modify the settings for players that visit your island.

Spoiler: Member Menu


• Trades Unique Feature where players will able to complete more than +15 Unlockable trades to Get Exchanges!

Spoiler: Trades


• Crates Epic Crates with unique rewards, you can configure them 100%, from their rewards to their effect!

Spoiler: Crates


• Skills Unique Feature with more than +7 unlockable skills with a epic graphic interface!.

Spoiler: Skills


Action bar
that shows basic characteristics of the players, in the style of hypixel.

Spoiler: Action Bar


• Fairy Souls put rewards arround of the map in way of souls.

Spoiler: Souls


Admin Commands:

/UltimateSkyblock Help
- to view the complete command list.
/UltimateSkyblock Setlobby - to set the Skyblock Lobby.
/UltimateSkyblock island tool Island - to set 1st and 2st Island Points.
/UltimateSkyblock island create <Island Name> - to create a new island.
/UltimateSkyblock island tool spawn - to recieve a tool to mark Tool of island.
/UltimateSkyblock island spawn <Island Name> - to set the spawn of certain island.
/UltimateSkyblock island position <Island Name> <Slot> <Item> - to set an island in the menu.
/UltimateSkyblock island remove <Island Name> - to remove an island.
/UltimateSkyblock island list - to see all islands created.
/UltimateSkills setlevel <Skill Type> <Level> <Player> - to change level of a player.
/UltimateSkills ores admin - to set configuration of each ore.
/UltimateSkills addregion <Region Name> - to add a Mine Region (You need a external region plugin)
/UltimateSkills delregion <Region Name> - to remove a Mine Region"
/UltimateSkills list - to see all Regions Added
/Add Mana <Mana quantity> - to add Mana for an item
/FairySoul - to view the complete command list.
/FairySoul <Get> - to recieve a Soul To place.
/FairySoul <Remove> <ID> - to remove a created Soul.
/FairySoul <List> - to View all Current Souls.
/FairySoul <Menu> - to Open Menu Settings.

Player Commands:

- to view island menu and create an island.
/Island delete - to delete player island
/UltimateSkills menu - to view skills
/Lobby - to go to Skyblock Lobby
/Tpisland <Send|Accept|Deny> <Player>- to go to other island.


ultimateskyblock.island.setlobby - To set Skyblock Lobby.
ultimateskyblock.island.list - To se Island List.
ultimateskyblock.island.tools - To use tools to create an island and for set spawn.
ultimateskyblock.island.creation - To create an Island.
ultimateskyblock.island.setspawn - To set spawn of an Island.
ultimateskyblock.island.position - To set a Island Position in the menu.
ultimateskyblock.island.remove - To remove an Island.
ultimateskyblock.change.level.fishing - Change Fishing level.
ultimateskyblock.change.level.farming - Change Farming level.
ultimateskyblock.change.level.foraging - Change Foraging level.
ultimateskyblock.change.level.mining - Change Mining level.
ultimateskyblock.change.level.alchemy - to Change Enchanting level.
ultimateskyblock.change.level.combat - to Change Combat level.
ultimateskyblock.change.level.enchanting - to Change enchanting level.
souls.admin - to Use Command /FairySoul.
souls.admin.get - to Use Command /FairySoul Get.
souls.admin.remove- to Use Command /FairySoul <Remove> <ID>.
souls.admin.list- to Use Command /FairySouls List.
souls.admin.menu- to Use Command /FairySouls Menu.

1- Put UltimateSkyblock.jar and Plugin's Dependences in your server folder.
2- Restart Your Server.
3- Put the World where you want that appear the islands in config.yml and That's it. Don’t forget to enjoy it.
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