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Premium MC Plugin Treasure Pets | MAKE YOUR OWN PETS | Leveling | Hatching | Tinkerer | 6.59
Adds 11 different pets like a popular server! Has hatching, leveling support, tinkerer, shards, more

11 awesome pets that can be used for pvp, and overall safety in most situations. They even have their own leveling systems!


11 different pets!

A leveling system!

Clean and efficient code!

Action bars in the lore that add as the pet gains exp.

Shard tinkerer.

Shards economy for buying pet eggs.

Pet egg hatching.

Shard merchant menu, you can click one or the other of the two icons to flip the pages to what part of the store you want to see.

Config to configure the name of the spawned type and how much shards the spawner type gives you when you tinker.

Available for 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11!

Different, unique effects for each pet that enhances pvp and your adventuring.

Pet tiers.

Randomized pet from each egg tier when an egg hatches.

Basic Pets:

Pig Pet:


Cow Pet:


Squid Pet:


Chicken Pet:


Sheep Pet:


Special Pets:

Spider Pet:


Zombie Pet:


Wolf Pet:


Legendary Pets:

Iron Golem Pet:


Creeper Pet:


Exp Pet:

Gain 2x the exp when right-clicked for 30 seconds. Picture here soon.

Commands and permissions:
Command: /tpet <pet> <player> use this command to give a player a pet!
Command: For every pet it is just it's name, but for the iron golem it is /tpet ig and exp for exp pet.
Permission: tpets.admin
Command: /petshop open the pet shop.
Command: /shardtinkerer to open the tinkerer.
Command: /petmenu to open the pet menu.
Command: /shards give <player> <amount> Permission: tpets.admin

To give eggs via command to players:
Command: /tpet commonegg (player)
Command: /tpet specialegg (player)
Command: /tpet legendaryegg (player)
Permission for all of them: tpets.admin

Egg Hatching:

To hatch your egg, you need to keep it in your hotbar for 10 minutes, then it will set it's slot to a random egg of it's tier. If it is moved, the hatching will stop.

Shard Tinkerer:

You may tinker your unused spawner's for shards with my plugin! With this feature you may place your spawners into the tinkerer, and you may tinker them by clicking the trade accept button and it will give you the spawner shards on the other side of the GUI. It is animated so as you put items into one side of the GUI the shards come out on the other side. You may take your item out of the tinkerer by clicking on the item or closing the GUI to have all your items given back to you. You may spend these shards on eggs in the pet egg shop.

Pet Using:

To use a pet, all you have to do is place it in your inventory and it will be used! Some such as sheep, wolf, and squid only work in the hot bar.

Leveling up your pets:

To level up your pet, all you need to do is use it's ability! Some pets have abilities per level up, and some may just keep the same abilities such as the cow. The ones that are automatic will level up and gain exp on their own, but manual ones such as creeper where you need to right click it will gain exp as you use it's ability. As each level progresses the amount of exp needed to level up increases by 200, and for all levels, each time the ability is used the exp goes up by 10.

Default Config:
Code (Text):
CommonEggPrice: 100
SpecialEggPrice: 250
LegendaryEggPrice: 500
SilverfishShardAmount: 1
CowShardAmount: 1
IronGolemShardAmount: 1
ZombiePigmanShardAmount: 1
WitchShardAmount: 1
SlimeShardAmount: 1
GuardianShardAmount: 1
EndermanShardAmount: 1
CreeperShardAmount: 1
MagmaCubeShardAmount: 1
SquidShardAmount: 1
BlazeShardAmount: 1
RabbitShardAmount: 1
VillagerShardAmount: 1
EndermiteShardAmount: 1
SkeletonShardAmount: 1
CaveSpiderAmount: 1
HorseShardAmount: 1
SpiderShardAmount: 1
BatShardAmount: 1
WolfShardAmount: 1
MooshroomShardAmount: 1
OcelotShardAmount: 1
SheepShardAmount: 1
PigShardAmount: 1
# Names of the spawners #
SilverfishDisplayName: "Silverfish Spawner"
CowDisplayName: "Cow Spawner"
IronGolemDisplayName: "Irongolem Spawner"
ZombiePigmanDisplayName: "Zombie Pigman Spawner"
ZombieDisplayName: "Zombie Spawner"
WitchDisplayName: "Witch Spawner"
SlimeDisplayName: "Slime Spawner"
GuardianDisplayName: "Guardian Spawner"
EndermanDisplayName: "Enderman Spawner"
CreeperDisplayName: "Creeper Spawner"
MagmaCubeDisplayName: "Magma Cube Spawner"
SquidDisplayName: "Squid Spawner"
BlazeDisplayName: "Blaze Spawner"
RabbitDisplayName: "Rabbit Spawner"
VillagerDisplayName: "Villager Spawner"
EndermiteDisplayName: "Endermite Spawner"
SkeletonDisplayName: "Skeleton Spawner"
CaveSpiderDisplayName: "Cave Spider Spawner"
HorseDisplayName: "Horse Spawner"
SpiderDisplayName: "Spider Spawner"
BatDisplayName: "Bat Spawner"
WolfDisplayName: "Wolf Spawner"
MooshroomDisplayName: "Mooshroom Spawner"
OcelotDisplayName: "Ocelot Spawner"
SheepDisplayName: "Sheep Spawner"
PigDisplayName: "Pig Spawner"
Sheep: 1
Squid: 1
Pig: 1
Cow: 1
Chicken: 1
Wolf: 1
Zombie: 1
Spider: 1
IronGolem: 1
Creeper: 1


Video Tutorial:
Could come soon!

Plugin terms:
- You may NOT take credit for this plugin.
- You may NOT resell/repost this plugin to other people.
- You may NOT decompile this plugin.
- You may NOT make another download link.
- You may NOT charge back your purchase.
- If you violate any of these plugin terms, I may remove you from the buyers list.
- I don't need to add requested updates, or update it frequently. It is my choice when I choose to make an update.
- There are NO refunds!

- 10
- 25 Incomplete https://***********.com/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png
- 50 Incomplete https://***********.com/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png
- 100 Incomplete https://***********.com/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png
- 200 Incomplete https://***********.com/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png
- 500 Incomplete https://***********.com/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png

If you have any bugs please do not rate my resource about the bug, contact me in the discussion first or pm me! Thanks!

I will get real graphics soon like for Psycho Enchantments, also pictures of the pet menu and Shard Tinkerer will be added in it. Spigot just doesn't allow more then 10 images.
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