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XF2 Addons [tl] Post Reply 3.0.8
Allow replies in thread on more levels.

Compatible versions
2.0, 2.1, 2.2
Allow replies in thread on more levels. This add-on uses a post system so you can have all permissions, features in the system and when uninstalling add-on your data is still there.

Enable replies on specific forums​

You can easily turn on or off replies on specific forums. You may run the rebuild tree caches if you change this option frequently.

Sticky first post?​

The add-on also allows the first post of the thread on all pages. It helps users read the thread content without going to the first page.

Attachments in replies​

Any attachment types work on ordinary posts; it also works on replies.

Extra features:

All other features work on ordinary posts; it also works on replies. For instance, IP logging to help administrators and moderators can give action on spamer, bookmark a useful post, report posts, reaction on posts and much more…

The add-on not only works with default XenForo features on posts; it also works with third-party add-on. For example, Anonymous Posting, Schedule Content, etc… If you have an add-on which has been made any customize on posts, it also works with this add-on.

  • Allow using post reply in certain forums
  • Sticky first post in all thread pages
  • Keep origin post content when make reply
Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 10.24.11 AM.png


This add-on does not require extra permissions to use. All users with permission to reply into thread can use this feature.

Working for old threads?

To make add-on working for old threads you need rebuild tree cache. You can see the rebuild option at: ACP -> Tools -> Rebuild caches
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Author FateKid
3.0.8 Version
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