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Titan Gamer Demo/Screenshots
The Default Colour is Red, you can change it easily to any other color.

Please note that the header images are not provided but are easily available for use, they're just wallpapers.

Titan Gamer Features
Simply changing the Primary Colour Palette (Instructions Provided) you can virtually have any colour you want.

Uses extensive SVG Icons instead of images - offering crisp and meaningful interactions. Including SVG Icons for Read/Unread/Pages/Links.

The font used is "Play", it can also be changed easily.

Titan Gamer uses very minimum images improving your page speed. All the edits are made in a extra CSS file (titangamer.css) making your personal edits even easier to make and maintain.

See screenshots for more

Titan Gamer Compatibility & Support
Titan Gamer is only tested on the xenForo 1.2.x , prior version compatibility is not supported.

Titan Gamer is compatible with the official xenForo Resource Manager, the style itself should work with nearly every addon available.

Support is gladly provided via the release thread, be sure to post your URL or send it via Conversation (If you wish to keep it confidential), and the exact nature of the problem. You should be replied within 24 hours.

Titan Gamer Purchase
To purchase the Style please start a conversation with me here on XenForo.
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