StrikePractice – 1v1, 2v2, Bots Fights, PvP Events, Parties, Build fights and more

MC Plugin StrikePractice – 1v1, 2v2, Bots Fights, PvP Events, Parties, Build fights and more 3.9.1
Customizable and affordable practice plugin with many features!

Because anyone can create a duels server.
StrikePractice offers you everything you need for a duels/practice server and much more for an affordable price. The plugin is highly configurable and has many features and good support.


➡ Duels (1v1), 2v2, Party vs Party, Party Split and Party FFA
Bot fights (duels and party vs bots)*
Replay your fights*
➡ Fully editable kits (build, combo, spleef, bedwars, MLG rush, boxing, skywars, horse, parkour, only bow damage, disable hunger and regen for UHC kits)
➡ Arena regeneration
Multiple rounds support! Best of any number of rounds
➡ Premium matches queue and limit rankeds/unrankeds. Get more donations with this feature!*
➡ Almost everything is customizable
➡ Arena selector with arena icons
➡ Automatic events: 1v1 Tournament, Sumo, Last Man Standing (FFA Event), King of the hill (KOTH) and Juggernaut (1 vs everyone else) with a GUI for staff/VIPs. You can also create other 1v1 tournament-like events by creating specific arenas (e.g spleef event)
➡ FFA arenas
➡ Post match inventory view with fight statistics (hits, longest combo, potions thrown, potions missed and potion accuracy)
MySQL/MariaDB support (all stats, save fights and inventories for the web addon)
➡Built-in enderpearl cooldown with placeholder, scoreboard, xp bar and above hotbar support
Kit Editor with multiple saved layouts per kit (players can choose the layout at the start of a fight)
➡ Colored name tags in fight
➡ Spectator mode
➡ Easy setup: automatically generate a kit based on the name with one command: ”/battlekit create <name>” and fully copy arenas with ”/arena copypaste”
➡ Customizable spawnitems (any item, any command)
➡ Customizable scoreboard with many placeholders and PlaceholderAPI support
➡ Lobby and in fight tablist addon (free)
➡ Open parties and public parties (broadcasted) for streamers, staff, Youtubers and VIPs
➡ Stats (placeholders, sign stats and /stats)
➡ Multiple free and paid addons! Leaderboards, website, per kit knockback etc.* (see ”More Information”)
➡ Multilingual. Players can change their language with /language. Multiple languages already supported.
➡ Pre-configured and premade kits, spawnitems
➡ Custom knockback per kit (built in or with a console command*)


Video by DiamondRushXD


➡ PvP Bot is able to pot and soup and comes with 4 difficulties
➡ Developer API
➡ Match link. Send link to your website showing information about the fight.
➡ Host events with simple GUI (inventory, /events)
➡ Elo ranks! /ranks
➡ Golden head - a golden apple named “golden head” or “goldenhead” heals more (configurable)
➡ Chest access (per kit) to give players access to customize their kits in kiteditor
➡ Player’s own gamemode they can host party events or duel players (Custom Kit)
➡ High ping limit in ranked queue games
➡ Require x kills to join ranked queue (or bypass with a permission)
➡ Disable hunger with UHC kits (if the kit name contains “uhc”)
➡ Disable/Allow crafting in fights, building without build kit, dropping items in spawn
➡ Disable instant death in void and water (for spleef, sumo and skywars)
➡ Elo rewards (commands)
➡ Build limit for build kits
➡ Rematch item (to duel the same player again)
➡ Fight duration limit
➡ Per player settings: toggle scoreboard, player hiding, duel requests and language
➡ Optional lightning effect when a player dies
➡ Kit Preview (shift click to preview a kit)
➡ Disable any party gamemode, permissions for party replays and Party vs Bots
➡ Change combo delay, combo and the bot’s knockback, default and combo knockback
➡ Change starting ELO, revive elo
➡ Some basic commands (/night, /day, /report, /ping), can be disabled
➡ Spectator teleport and leave items
➡ Stable updates
➡ Good support (see reviews)
➡ And more!
Experimental features*
1.18-1.19 support is still experimental (the plugin aims to work on any versions with compatibility mode)
Bring your own items! Duels on Survival/Factions servers. (The plugin will not change/clear player inventories)
*experimental features may sometimes be a bit less stable
(not up-to-date but gives you the idea)
Still not convinced? There are already many servers using this plugin and here are some with a good number of players.
(use the "/sprac" command to see if they still use this plugin)
(Spanish) (French) / (in china)
and a few hundred other servers...

This plugin supports PlaceholderAPI. You can use %strikepractice_placeholder% (For example, %strikepractice_global_elo%) or you can add more placeholders.
The plugin also supports conditional placeholders. Meaning that you can have scoreboard lines that only display in specific states. For example, only if the fight has ended or only if the fight has multiple rounds.
Use "/sprac placeholders" to search for placeholders. More on the documentation page.
Author FateKid
5,910 pts
3.9.1 Version
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings Average Rating (2)

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