StoreStats - Show Your Supporters and Increase Sales! ⭐ [1.8.x - 1.16.x]

Premium MC Plugin StoreStats - Show Your Supporters and Increase Sales! ⭐ [1.8.x - 1.16.x] 2.19.0
Show your recent supporters or your community goals in-game! Tebex/CraftingStore support!


Natively built on 1.16.x but works on 1.8.x - 1.16.x


StoreStats is a plugin where you can display your recent store purchases and all your community goals! Recent supporters can be shown via signs with additional support for heads and NPCs. Community goals can be shown anywhere due to them being PAPI placeholders. These will all get updated on the creation and periodically, set in config or forced on command.

Great plugin to show your recent supporters off in-game such as a Hub or spawn area, will potentially increase sales too!

  • Config settings for the Tebex secret, update timer, sign format, visuals of the goals and messages used in the plugin.
  • Regular plugin updates with bug fixes
  • Tebex & CraftingStore support. Show your supporters with the two most popular Minecraft stores!
  • Cache System. Uses the minimum required connections and caches information to keep system impact as low as possible.
  • Head Support. Show the player's skin on the head.
  • Armor Stand Support. Show the player's head on the armor stand's head.
  • Citizens Support. Show your recent supporters with fake NPCs with the player's skin and username!
  • Payment Placeholders. show your recent donators anywhere that supports PAPI, Holograms, TAB, Scoreboards, Chat, Action bars, Boss bars and more!
  • Community Goals. Show unlimited amount of goals anywhere that supports PAPI, Holograms, TAB, Scoreboards, Chat, Action bars, Boss bars and more! (Tebex only) (If you want this, ask CraftingStore to provide an API)
  • Minimum Payments. Only show what you want not a bunch of $0.00 payments from gift card usage for example.
  • Highly efficient with performance in mind since the start and highly optimized, if you see any timings/heap reports with StoreStats being an issue, send me over the information and I will do my best.
  • Async Web Connections. Won't lock the main thread when connecting to your store for information.
  • Async Chunk Loading. Won't lock the main thread when loading chunks to update the signs/heads/NPCs.
  • Task Distribution. Tasks are separated across ticks instead of hammering the server in a single tick.
  • Supports all Popular Versions. This means you can show off your supporters on 1.8 or even 1.16!
  • Hex colors in supported Minecraft versions.
  • Supports all Currencies.
  • and many more...


  • %storestats_goal_current_ID% shows the current amount in that goal.
  • %storestats_goal_target_ID% shows the target amount in that goal.
  • %storestats_goal_achieved_ID% shows the number of times the goal has been achieved.
  • %storestats_goal_progress_ID% shows the progress of that goal, such as 34.12%
  • %storestats_goal_progressbar_ID% shows the progress bar of that goal such as ████████
Replace "ID" with the community goal ID (This is found when you edit your goal on Tebex in the URL, will be
  • %storestats_payment_player_ID% returns the player's name from that payment.
  • %storestats_payment_amount_ID% returns the amount of money in that payment.
Replace ID with your payment ID. ID is the order of payments, for example, 1 being the last payment and 5 being the 5th recent payment.

To use placeholders on Featherboard etc using
MVdWPlaceholderAPI, simply use the same placeholders but use
{placeholderapi_*} such as {placeholderapi_storestats_goal_current_ID}


Tebex or CraftingStore StoreStats only works with Tebex/Buycraft & CraftingStore stores right now.
Citizens for showing your recent supporters in NPC form with their username and skin!
PlaceholderAPI for the placeholders/community goals.

All dependencies are soft but you need them to enable extra features.



  • /storestats Shows plugin information
  • /storestats force Will force an update to all signs in the database and placeholders.
  • /storestats payment (number) Will give you information on that payment number.
  • /storestats goal (number) Will give you information on that goal number.
  • /storestats reload Will reload the plugin and everything within it including config, tasks and will attempt a reconnect to your store.
  • storestats.create Permission to create signs.
  • storestats.remove Permission to remove signs.
  • storestats.command.force Permission to use the force arg.
  • storestats.command.payment Permission to use the payment arg.
  • storestats.command.goal Permission to use the goal arg.
  • storestats.command.reload Permission for reload arg.
  • storestats.update.notification Permission to get the update message on login.
  • storestats.* Permission for all the above.

Spoiler: Plugin, Sign, Head, NPCs and Goal Setup Help!

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