MC Plugin SponsoredSlots 1.1.0
The ultimate player advertisement plugin for Skyblock, Prison, Towny, etc

SponsoredSlots is a simple and efficient solution that allows players to advertise a plot, island warp, town or anything of that matter from one simple GUI. Players can use /slot to open the GUI which will state the slots available for purchase along with the ones that have already been claimed.

Players can even set a message of their choice which shows on their purchased slot and is broadcasted every X minutes. Other players can click your slot to automatically teleport to your set location.


Here’s a list of the features that SponsoredSlots has to offer:
  • Fully configurable GUI and messages.
  • Perfect for Skyblock, Prison & Towny servers.
  • Support for PlaceholderAPI.
  • Developer API to add custom currency, listen to events and get sponsored slot information.
  • Supports various economy pluginsfor purchasing slots:
  • Create unlimited sponsored slots with each one fully configurable.
  • Set a custom advertisement message to go along with the slot.
  • Various sounds applied to GUI buttons and actions (opening/closing GUI).
  • Allow players (with permission) to use colour codes in their advertisment message.

For commands, permissions and default configuration files check out the wiki:
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