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MC Plugin SpigotGuard - Spigot AntiCrash DEV 1.0 / 1.19 Support
The most powerful AntiCrash plugin for SPIGOT server. Must-have for every spigot server!

What is SpigotGuard?
In brief - it's very lightweight packet-based AntiCrash & AntiExploit plugin for your spigot server which blocks every client crashers like Jigsaw, Jessica, YSK, BlazeClient, Meta Client, Eazy Client, Gas Client, Reaper, Remix, Drop and much more.

Just put spigotguard.jar into your plugins folder and everything will work like before - but.. every crash clients will be blocked, 0 lags caused by hackers/cheaters that wants you to pay money for stop crashing or buying their anticrash for 100$. Choose the best protection and solution.

Already about 500+ servers use SpigotGuard, customers trust us since a very long time, if there is any new crasher - we fix it as soon as possible. SpigotGuard is asynchrously and packet-based which means it operates on very lightweight level and blocks every crash packets even before they are processed by your spigot server which means no lags. Servers with 100+, 1000+ and even 10,000 (on whole network) players are using SpigotGuard on their networks! I can easily prove that in private message by giving you big servers ip that are already using SpigotGuard. It's lightweight but.. it's also the most advanced AntiCrash on the market with a lot of crash & exploit checks. You can ask your enemies to attack our test-server

Features & advantages
- Very lightweight, no dependency required, we have our own packet api for packet listening.
- Blocks every crash clients, no bypasses
- A lot of NBT and SPAM exploit checks
- Your server works like before but... every spigot crasher is fixed!
- Very often updates! New features, patches, are being added very often!
- Simple management menu where you can reload configs, see who tried to crash server in last time etc..
- Default config is perfect, it shouldn't have any false positives but if it has... you can easily eliminate this false positive with our great spigotguard's menu under /spigotguard, it tells you how to fix false positive/detection. If a player reports you that he got kicked because of SpigotGuard, you can easily check why he got kicked thanks to /spigotguard [player name] and eliminate false detect in settings.yml!

Some exploits that we block:
- Book payload (CustomPayload) exploit
- Payload flood and too many REGISTER channels
- BlockPlace
- WindowClick
- SetCreativeSlot
- Sign crashers
- Position/move/chunk crashers
- shulkerbox/chest crashers that crash client when dropped
- invalid map data
- invalid firework data
- packet flood & spam (like armAnimation and more)
- invalid player & vehicle movement
- invalid window slots, invalid held item slots
- just every book, skull/head and firework (NBT) exploits

- Survival & creative crashers are easily blocked.

/spigotguard (spigotguard.command) - opens SpigotGuard menu
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- /spigotguard [player name] - open menu with list of crash attempts of target player:
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Why SpigotGuard is the best on market?
- Other anticrashers are poor. Why?
  1. Other anticrashers are based on ProtocolLib which makes them much slower than SpigotGuard and even if they block the exploit it can still lag the server.
  2. They usually limit packets per second which is not good idea. In NBT exploits the packets amount doesn't matter but the thing that we send, like an oversized book.
  3. They check the book pages which can be easily bypased (e.g EF or CPF can be bypassed)
  4. They just check pages size etc.. which is poor, a lot of crashers just bypass it, SpigotGuard has a lot of very advanced checks and.. blocks a lot of exploits! Not only poor books or floods..
  5. They have lots of false detects or ban/block the books on your server which is very bad idea for your players
  6. SpigotGuard focuses on blocking EVERY crasher with no performance issues.
  7. With SpigotGuard you can easily eliminate EVERY false positive/detection with our great management gui which tells you what you have to edit in settings.yml to fix/avoid false positives

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