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IPS Apps Spacious ACP 20.3.0
Transform your ACP! New Widgets! Better Navigation! Custom Colors!


Transform your ACP! New Widgets! Better Navigation! Custom Colors! More Utility Functions and Buttons!

ACP Theme Customization:

  • Header, primary, and secondary menu background colors fully configurable.
  • Header, primary, and secondary menu font colors fully configurable.
  • Change background color of message information and message warnings.
  • Option for tighter table row spacing throughout to give you more content in the same vertical space.
  • Page fade-in animation effect for ACP content for an app-like feel.
  • Active (currently selected) primary menu icon set at full opacity so you can tell it is actually active.
  • Secondary menu options have mouse-over hover effect so you can actually see what you are about to select. Selectable area increased from just the text to the entire row as well.
  • Option to bold text secondary menu option headings.
  • Un-sticky the ACP header to gain more screen-estate when scrolling.
  • Remove the dashboard widget header backgrounds to lighten their heavy appearance.
  • Change the selector toggles from rounded to squared.
  • Change animation speeds on dialog popups - strongly recommended as these often act as speed limits as you wait for slow animations to end.
  • Compact Menu Style which shrinks the width of the side menu and reduces the icon sizes providing more menu stuff in less space.
  • Option to remove the visit site and support text bits and leave just the icons in the header.
  • All menu and header icons now have a hover enlarge effect.
  • Change the color of the default ACP Orange button!
  • Add a separate favicon for the ACP!
  • Plugin version numbers appended directly after name.
  • Option to display theme ID numbers after theme names (useful for designers mode to figure out which theme is which in the file directory)
  • S3 storage handlers display endpoint and directory structure in their listed names allowing you to actually tell the difference between various S3 entities.
  • IPS News widget reformatted to not waste so much space.
  • Online Admins widget now with avatars! (Note this widget should be renamed to ACP Users as that is what it is actually displaying, not admins online in your community)
  • Your most online stat is ALWAYS being tracked, not just tracked when the stats widget is on a page on the front end!
  • PM members from the member page!
  • Member view tweaks including moving the tabs from the center to the left.
  • PHPInfo link on the support page now fires off in a new tab/window instead of hijacking your ACP session.
Login Page:
  • Add a background image or just change the color.
  • The login box is totally customizable as well including transparency and the option to add additional text.
  • IPS icon displayed by default.

  • Dashboard title now replaced with current online users count.
  • Add custom text after the version number.
  • Optional buttons alongside the dashboard widgets add button. Wipe Caches. Tasks. Admin Log. Moderators Log.
  • Wipe Caches saves you a trip to the support page - just click and you are done!
  • Tasks is a quick link to the tasks list where you can manually run any task you need to or spot hung tasks.
  • Admin and Moderators log buttons are quick links to those pages.
  • IPS News Dashboard Widget formatted to not waste so much space.
  • Online Admins widget now with avatars! FYI this widget shows online ACP users, not admins who are online on the front end.

New Dashboard Widgets!
Spacious Widgets are flagged with a block "S" in the Add button dropdown list. The downward pointing triangles next to the widget titles can be toggle on or off in Spacious ACP settings. The 90-Day graphs that some widgets have are configurable for fill style, color, line width, etc. They will by default pull whatever color your ACP header is set to.


ACP Journal
The IPS Admin Notes widget has just a single, over-writable block of text and that never seemed good enough for me so I finally got around to writing this one. Stored admin notes! Records the note, who wrote it, and when they wrote it. Dashboard widget display a configurable number of them at a time (last three to seven I believe) with few display options available. The full journal is available in the Spacious ACP menu just underneath settings or view button link on the widget itself. Full journal is searchable by entry content as well.


Get your Alexa ranking (for whatever that's worth...) right in your dashboard. Both global and country. Updates daily and flags trending up or down from previous check. This is now storing your rankings daily! Tabbed graphed displays of both global and country rankings for last 90 days!


System Overview
Real-time server load, IPS installation size, IPS database size, memory available (or free), storage space available, options for Community in the Cloud customers, database details including your database engine and character search limits. Graph colors match your chosen ACP header colors with option to override. When memory/server space becomes critical graphs go red! You configure when the memory and server space warnings kick in! Details button for more information - server location map if Google Maps, etc. is enabled. That little blip you see on the right in the diskspace rail in the screenshot above is the size of your local IPS installation (anything within your IPS directory plus your IPS database size) - you get both the actual numeric size and a graphic representation against your drive. At a glance see if your server has been rebooted!

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