Slot Bot ➜ Slot Tickets for Rewards! | Config | Add CUSTOM Rewards | Credit Shop | SALE

MC Plugin Slot Bot ➜ Slot Tickets for Rewards! | Config | Add CUSTOM Rewards | Credit Shop | SALE 1.1.5-Hotfix
Exchange tickets for configurable rewards in a Slot Machine!



Slot Bot is a Slot Machine plugin that works similar to other large servers! PERFECT for any gamemode! Add rewards simply via a command, or hop into the rewards.yml and start adding commands and editing your items!

This plugin offers a smooth animation experience.


Create a second version of the Slot Bot, with a better, and higher rewarding loot table. Using the same GUI, enter the High Roller Ticket and the bot will now roll from that loot table.

CREDIT SHOP: Gain credits from using your Bot Tickets. You can then purchase items from the Credit Shop using those tokens. See screenshots for more information

CUSTOM REWARDS: Customize your rewards to your liking, change the chance, display item, reward item and even add multiple commands to run. Use the command /bot addreward <chance> to add an item from in-game!

CUSTOMISABLE MENU: Customize the menu items name and lore as you please.

RANDOMIZE REWARDS: You have the ability to randomize the rewards on a weekly basis. Just enable it in the config (enabled by default), and set the day you wish rewards to be changed. You are also able to change the number of items you wish to be available.

NBT COMPATIBLE: This should not be to be added as a feature since it should be default across all plugins that use items, however, we use NBT tags to store data on the tickets, allowing you to change the name, lore and material whenever - the tag stays the same!
Aliases: /bot

/slotbot help
/slotbot addreward <chance>
/slotbot adddisplay<chance>
/slotbot ticket <player> <amount>
/slotbot credits (view all credit commands)
/slotbot reload


Author FateKid
5,910 pts
1.1.5-Hotfix Version
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