MC Plugin ShowItem 1.6.44
[1.8-1.20] Show items, inventory and enderchest in chat and with commands. With item icons! ⛏


Did you ever want to show your items and their abilities to other players like you can in big MMORPGs? Or do you have players that are sick of having to throw their items on the ground or buying the wrong ones? Then this plugin is exactly what you need!





With the ShowItem Bukkit plugin you will be able to take full advantage of what the game has to offer while working with items! It even takes it a step further and adds the ability to show an actual icon of the item in the chat as well as a live view of the inventory and enderchest!
(Note: You will need to use an updated version of WolfieMario's Text Icons RP if you want item icons)
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Joining through that invite auto subscribes you to update notifications, if you don't want that use this one.

This plugin also supports translatable item names so that players will see the name of the showed item in the language of their client!

Use either commands (/showitem, /showinv, /showender) or chat placeholder (%item%, %inv%, %ender%) to display items, inventories and enderchest directly in your message.

The placeholder works with almost every Bukkit chat plugin! (Also works in DiscordSRV, please refer to the spoiler below regarding known chat plugin issues) If you find one that doesn't work (and is free/open source) then contact me and I will look into it! It also works together with ChestShop to display hover messages and item infos in buy/sell messages.

Prevents client crashes due to lots of item data! E.g. when the full content of a shulker box or a player head are send to the player this might lead to some issues that might cause the client to disconnect as it can't handle that amount of data. You can also individually configure certain item types to be blocked in the config!

Please note that this plugin will only work on server and client versions starting with 1.8 and some functionality might break if you use different client and server versions!
(According to some users 1.7.10 servers with the 1.8 protocol-hack seem to also be working, but the players still need to use 1.8+ clients for the display to work properly! You also might need old versions of this plugin to get it running on older Bukkit servers.)

In order to provide all functionality of this plugin properly it hooks into some internal server code (commonly known as NMS). This might break on some custom forks or game updates but I will try to keep it updated as best and fast as I can. (See the past update history for some reference on how fast that was possible) If you notice any errors that you think might be due to such breakage then please contact me asap!

The wiki contains lots of information about the different aspects of the plugin:
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