Shop - the intuitive shop plugin

MC Plugin Shop - the intuitive shop plugin
An easy to use shop plugin with advanced features


Allows players to quickly create shops to buy, sell, barter, or gamble items seamlessly!

By focusing on ease of use, players of any skill level can create in-game shops in a way that feels like a native feature.

Easily change between the different types of displays!

Create shops to sell, buy, barter, or gamble items using any chest type!

Bet your life savings away with gamble shops!

Totally configurable (and optional) holographic displays above shops!

  • Change currency to a custom item, virtual currency (Vault), or experience points seamlessly.
  • Create shops in multiple ways. Either fill out a sign or hit a chest with an item and fill out info in chat (both configurable)
  • Fully customizable.
  • No commands required.
  • No permissions required. (But are supported)
  • Easily handles items with custom display names, descriptions, and enchantments. (and custom player heads)
  • All shop displays use client side packets so there is no lag on the server or chances of duping the items
  • Create admin shops that don't need to be stocked
  • All sign text is translatable and customizable. (along with text colors)
  • All chat messages are translatable and customizable. (along with text colors)
  • Control what types of shops individual players are able to create and use.
  • Control the amount of shops individual players are able to create and use
  • Blacklist certain worlds from having shops created in them.
  • Ability to set an optional price players must pay to create and/or destroy shops
  • Integrates with WorldGuard and Towny
  • Integrates with DynMap to show shops on the map
  • Works with chests, barrels, shulker boxes, even ender chests!
  • Plug and Play.
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