[ShizuArt] Medieval Bathroom Furniture

Furniture Decoration [ShizuArt] Medieval Bathroom Furniture 1.0
Furniture for your server


This set includes 15+ furniture models with ItemsAdder and Oraxen Drag&Drop configurations for 1.20.2+ (English and French)

In this set :

  • Toilets x2 (seatable)
  • Empty vat x2 (seatable)
  • Filled vat x2 (seatable - semi transparent water)
  • Mirror
  • Oil lamp (emit light)
  • Bucket x2
  • Clothesline
  • Small table
  • Table
  • Bench
  • Stool
  • Basin
  • Sponge and soap
  • Pitcher
Files included :

  • Oraxen & ItemsAdder Drag&Drop - Items name in English
  • Oraxen & ItemsAdder Drag&Drop - Items name in French
  • README file

A Unique Minecraft Model Experience

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