RoyaleProtectionBlocks [1.13+] Alpha

MC Plugin RoyaleProtectionBlocks [1.13+] Alpha 2024-05-15



  • Creation of protection blocks in-game
  • View the boundaries of the protections
  • Managment of protections
  • Configurable flags and addons
  • Simple configuration system
  • Full translation allowed
  • Set home in protection
  • Creation of blocks with heads
  • Creation of block from crafting table
  • Permissions per protection blocks
  • Using RGB/HEX colors and gradients
  • Edit protection blocks in GUI (Admin mode)
  • Edit protection blocks in files (.yml)
  • Add members and owners in GUI
  • Protection blocks hiding system
  • User protection list
  • Starter block for new users
  • Renaming system
  • Lock available worlds
  • Manage worlds allowed to place per block
  • Kick and Ban system [NEW]
  • Oraxen and ItemsAdder compatibility [TESTING]
  • Import system from ProtectionStones [NEW]
  • WorldGuard (It uses WorldGuard regions to create protections)
Author yanne
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2024-05-15 Version
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