MC Plugin RestrictedCreative [1.17+] 3.0.0-ALPHA-2
Lightweight, but fully-featured and customizable Creative mode limiter.


Give your players access to creative mode - safely - without jeopardising survival experience! RestrictedCreative is light on CPU and extremely customizable. It covers all basic creative limiting functions: separate inventories, block placement tracking, disabling interactions with inventories etc. Furthermore, it includes several new useful features such as providing customizable commands for changing gamemodes, forcing distinguishable colorful armor and disabling interaction with touch holograms. With this plugin you have your creative players under control, because they have no way to pass items from creative to survival mode!

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Note about purchasing: in addition to PayPal I also accept most cryptocurrencies (send me a PM). If paying in any way isn't possible for you, send me a PM and maybe there's something you can do for me to earn my plugin.

RC v2 is for Spigot 1.13-1.16 only, and won't receive new features after Minecraft 1.17 is released. Version 1.x (for Spigot 1.8-1.12) will continue to receive bugfixes until MC 1.17 arrives. RC v3 is coming for Spigot 1.17+.


  • Extremely lightweight - best performanceof any similar plugins
    • all interactions with database are handled asynchronously
    • millions of tracked blocks won't affect performance more than a couple of blocks - only loading times will increase on startup (still async)
      Example from my personal server:
      Code (Text):
      [10:33:39 INFO]: Creative > Loading data from database...
      [10:33:56 INFO]: Creative > Loaded 1748556 blocks from database!
      [10:33:56 INFO]: Creative > Done! Took 17008ms
  • Fully customizable
    • most of the features can be configured
    • every message can be changed (or disabled)
    • command's aliases and description can be changed
    • has a simple API to check block's/entity's creative status and add/remove them to/from creative list
  • Permissions to bypass any of the restrictions
  • Adds/removes certain permissions to/from players in creative mode
    • supports Vault, but can work without it
  • Supports MySQL and SQLite
    • delete all plugin data with one command
  • Supports block-loggers (CoreProtect, Prism etc.) using BlocksHub
  • Can be disabled per world
  • WorldGuardregion support
    • limit creative usage to certain regions
    • limit creative usage to player's own regions (also works for GriefPrevention and TownyAdvanced)
  • Separates creative inventory (with XP and potion effects)
    • restores survival inventory when switching back
  • Saves inventories to the database or switches back to default gamemode before logout
  • Forces creative players to wear distinguishable armor
  • Tracksplaced blocks/items
    • tracks pushing/pulling with pistons
    • tracks falling blocks
    • tracks placed boats, minecarts, item frames, paintings and armor stands
    • tracks items inserted into item frames
    • tracks armor put on armor stands
    • tracks blocks edited with WorldEdit and FAWE (//set, //replace etc)
    • removes drops on break/destory
    • doesn't track blocks/items in whitelist
  • Disables interactingwith inventories and entities
    • can't open chests, villager shops, chest minecarts etc
    • can't rotate items in item frames etc
  • Disables animal breeding
  • Disables copying chests' contents with middle-click
  • Removes invalid items(with custom NBT) spawned with hacked clients
    • Also removes items with specific name or lore
  • Disables dropping and picking upitems
    • removes drops on creative player's death
  • Disables specific commands (with powerful RegEx)
  • Disables PVP and PVE
  • Disables using/placing/breaking certain blocks/items
  • Disables throwing/shooting items
  • Disables creating Withers, Snow Golems and Iron Golems
    • Even players in survival mode can't create them if even a single block was placed in creative mode


  • Building competitions in survival servers
  • Safe and convenient creative mode for builders, owners and other staff members
  • Sell creative mode for in-game money without ruining survival experience for others


Listed on the Wiki page!


Listed on the Wiki page!
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