RealisticWorldGenerator [1.8.8 - 1.17.1]

Premium MC Plugin RealisticWorldGenerator [1.8.8 - 1.17.1] 4.41.1 (Java 11 - 18)
World Generator, Redefined | a fast, high customizable, beautiful world generator.



RealisticWorldGenerator is an extremely customizable plugin, which takes the experience on your server to a completely new level, it adds new beautiful worlds and also takes control over saplings and other world-related things. By editing the configs you can also optimize the worlds to them of your dreams. With custom schematics, it is also possible to add your own style to your worlds and give your players new places to experience.


RealisticWorldGenerator has many features, and yet more to come, this is what's identified with :
  • High-quality generation
  • Support for Custom Items from ItemsAdder, CustomItems and Oraxen
  • Stability-System to prevent corrupted Chunks - more here
  • A configurable custom cave system
  • Minecraft worlds seeds support
  • Realistic lakes and oceans
  • Customizable and rich ore spawning
  • Customizable and rich ground design
  • Customizable hills layouts
  • Per-world configurations
  • Custom and customizable structures
  • Included World-border
  • Strong and fast schematic files system(Including random blocks like bee-nests)
  • Control over Sapling-Growing
  • Total control of chest-filling for each structure
  • Customizable in-game messages
  • Custom villages, strongholds, monuments, temples and mine-shafts
  • Optional flat area at spawn-region for buildings
  • Custom designed biomes :
    Birch forest
    - Desert
    - Lands of death
    - Ice-lands
    - Jungle
    - Mixed forest
    Oak forest
    Dark forest
    Extreme hills
    Pine forest
If you want to take a look into the configurations(4.10.8), you can download our zip here.


To run RealisticWorldGenerator you need to have the following qualifications :

  • A server with 2048MB ram
  • Decent CPU-power, at-least 2 dedicated cores with high-frequency (more than 2.8Ghz)
  • Spigot / Paper 1.8.8 server or higher, older versions are not supported!
  • Java 8 update 101 at-least, older versions are not supported!
RealisticWorldGenerator is a little bit slower than the vanilla generator. To prevent lags on heavy chunk load, it is recommended to pre-generate your world. This can be done by using the plugin WorldBorder.


Take a deep look at the real Beauty of RealisticWorldGenerator:

some of the screenshots are outdated, they will be replaced while we add new ones as well!


That is not enough?
Maybe you check out what else you can create with RWG:

Mars-Mission Map



Spoiler: Video tutorials
Attention: For 1.12.X and below use v3.X! For 1.13 and above you can use v4(latest), 1.14 is supported since v4.1.0, 1.15 since v4.4.1, 1.16 since v4.12.0.

Like any other plugin, the process is easy as eating cake, right?! anyways :
  • Make sure your server is not running
  • Put the plugin in the plugins folder
  • Start the server to generate the required files and configurations
  • Set the plugin as the generator for your world, you can do that by:

    Adding the following code in your bukkit.yml
    Code (YAML):
    generator: Realistic_World
    - Using multiworld?
    Code (YAML):
    /mw create <worldname> plugin:Realistic_World
    - Using multiverse?
    Code (YAML):
    /mv create <worldname> NORMAL -g Realistic_World
    Please replace <worldname> with the name of your world.
    As example: "<worldname>" to "world"
  • Maybe install addons?
You rather want to watch a video, to get better in touch with the steps you need to go through? Just take a look into this video here, where one of our developers is showing you, how you can install RealisticWorldGenerator on your server.
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