RabbitsVSPenguins | PvE Team Minigame [1.8-1.18]

MC Plugin RabbitsVSPenguins | PvE Team Minigame [1.8-1.18] 2.12.3
Unique Player vs Environment Team Minigame. Fully Configurable!


What is RabbitsVSPenguins?
RabbitsVSPenguins is a PvE Minigame based on the Warcraft III map, RabbitsVSSheep.
The idea of the game is to kill the enemy units and get coins. There are two sides. Your allies side, and your enemies side. Every time your team kills a unit, there is a chance of spawning 1 or 2 more allies units on the enemy side. So you need to clear your area as fast as possible so the enemy's side could be full of allies units. Your team wins when all the enemy players are down, or one of the teams reaches the monsters_limit_per_side number (configurable).

You can do several things to help you win the game, like buying Potions, Boosts, Skills and upgrading your Sword, Armor and your Monster Units.
It's a Team Game so you need to be organized!


Requirements and Dependencies: SPIGOT (not craftbukkit) and HolographicDisplays
PlaceholderAPI (optional)


- ✓ Fully Configurable
  • Arena Cooldowns and Time.
  • Inventories Customization
  • Items Customization
  • Heads Textures Customization
  • Sounds and Particles
  • Allies Units Upgrades (dropped coins, health)
  • Sword Upgrades (damage, material)
  • Armor Upgrades
  • Skill Upgrades
  • Winners Command Rewards
  • All Messages
- ✓ Holograms
- ✓ Multiple Arenas
- ✓ Per Arena Chat
- Income
- Spectator Gamemode
- ✓ Command Whitelist
- Zombie limit per side
- Permission-based perks
- Player Top holograms (Global, Monthly, Weekly)
- PlaceholderAPI support for variables and scoreboard

- ✓ Save players wins, loses, ties, kills
- ✓ Save Player Elements

  • Inventory/Equipment
  • Gamemode
  • Level
  • Experience
  • Health
  • Hunger
- ✓ Item Shop
- ✓ Skill Shop (13 skills)
- ✓ Works in 1.8+


Make sure your arenas are in different worlds an remember to set /gamerule doMobSpawning false to avoid other mobs to spawn.

To start creating an arena first you need to set the Main Lobby by typing /rvp setmainlobby Then, you need to use the command: /rvp create <arena> and follow the steps on chat.

1) Set the Arena Lobby: Players will spawn here before starting the arena. When you are in the desired position just type: ready (the same goes for next options)
2) Set the Teams Spawn: Players will spawn here when the game starts. Remember you need to have two sides for one arena. The Rabbits side and the Penguins side (the sides must NOT be connected!!)
3) Set the Teams Boundaries: These two positions will represent where the Monsters will spawn. You just need to set the corners in the floor like I show you in the Gif. (It is better to have a squared arena)


4) Set the Arena Min/Max Players: You need to type an even number.
5) Create the Item Shop and Skill Shop: The idea is to have 1 Item Shop and 1 Skill Shop in both sides. These shops are represented by an Iron Golem, and players need to right click them to open the inventories.

You can create these shops using: /rvp createitemshop and /rvp createskillshop To remove them, right click on them and select the delete button.

7) Enable Arena: Enable the arena by typing /rvp enable <arena>
8) Create a Sign to Join the Arena: To create a sign you need to use the following format:

You can download an arena schematic from here:

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