QUARRY ✅ Resource Extraction Machines + Resource Pack [1.12.2-1.20.6]

MC Plugin QUARRY ✅ Resource Extraction Machines + Resource Pack [1.12.2-1.20.6] 1.12-1.20.6
• Ore, Wood, Fish, Plants, Mobs, Wool, Cobblestone | GUI, Boosters, Fuel, Shops, Sounds!



Greetings! This plugin adds 7 automatic mechanisms that can extract certain resources depending on their type.


Each quarry has upgrade modules with different levels and fuel to work with.
Each quarry has special sounds when working. There is a placeholder above it and particles when the quarry is working.
The plugin can be used in normal survival, skyblock, etc.​


/quarry shop to open a quarry shop. Here are all the careers that can be purchased!
From here you can enter the resource exchanger for currency. Description of items, price, color panels can be changed in the config.


The career interface can be changed: icons, their location, their presence, the number of modules, their characteristics, etc.

• Each quarry consumes fuel to operate. Material for fuel replenishment can be set in the config.
• The owner of a quarry can close access to his quarry.
• Depending on the type of quarry, it has different types of modules. The general module is speed. The higher it is, the higher the fuel consumption.
1) Resources go to the quarry's internal inventory.
2) Resources go to the chest, standing at close range to the career.
3) Resources go into the funnel under the quarry.
4) Resources drop out near the quarry.
5) Resources drop out at the place where they were mined.


ORE QUARRY mines ores within a certain radius. Ores from someone else's private are not mined. You can increase the speed, radius, luck. And also set bonus resources when mining ore, as well as enable silk touch.
There is a mode for extraction from the air. Especially for skyblock, or for servers without ore.


FARM QUARRY extracts vegetation from a field. It collects only the crop, not the seeds, but it does not destroy the plant. When enabled, it simply harvests. But you can add fertilizer and water to increase the growth rate of the plant at times!


MOB QUARRY extracts loot from mobs. The ideal option would be to install it on the mob spawner. Its distinguishing feature is that it can collect experience. After a while, the player can come, collect all the loot and the accumulated experience.


FISH QUARRY extracts loot from the water. We need a 3 by 3 area filled with water and a quarry at the top in the center. He can mine any item with a different chance that you set in the config. And also there is a module for good luck and valuable treasures.


WOOD QUARRY extracts trees, apples, seedlings, sticks in a radius. Does not break trees in private. Doesn't plant seedlings. Ideal in a small radius for planting, growing with bonemeal and harvesting. Or plant a large area and once collect.


WOOL QUARRY collects wool from sheep. Collects wool of various colors.


STONE QUARRY collects cobblestone 1 block below it. Created specifically for the skyblock to simplify the mining process.


• Vault
- optional. If it is set, the player's balance will be used to purchase modules and the quarries themselves. If there is no Vault, the internal economy will be used. There is an exchanger where you can exchange resources set by the admin for currency.
• PlayerPoints - optional. If you have this plugin installed, you can use it as an economy
• WorldGuard - careers can only extract resources and break blocks in those regions where there is an owner among the participants.
• Eco - To make the plugin work with eco, open Quarry.jar with an archiver like WinRaR and delete the kotlin folder. Now it will be compatible!
• LuckyPerms - optional! If you want to restrain infinite quarries placement. For example, player with role "user" will be allowed to place 5 quarries, vip - 10, premium - 15
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