PyroMon [1.13.X - 1.16.X]

MC Plugin PyroMon [1.13.X - 1.16.X] 1.2.1
Pokemon GO with a twist! [Great for survival servers!]

What build should I download?
The plugin currently only supports 1.13.X - 1.15.X. Please note that a 1.12 or lower build will never been supported or created. However, the plugin should work on 1.13.X and higher servers fine. You can just download the most recent build.

This plugin will no longer be updated with big features. It will however still be supported in case of bugs / errors.

What is this plugin about?
First of all, this plugin is NOT Pixelmon. This plugin is designed for survival servers and other semi-vanilla gamemodes. This does not make this plugin a main focus and rather something players can do on the side. This plugin aims to bring the well-known game Pokemon GO into Minecraft with a few twists. Do you need more methods for your players to earn money but still have the luxury of catching fully customization Pokemon? Then this is the plugin for you! I would recommend this plugin especially for Survival servers. This is not to say you cannot use it outside Survival servers, it just hasn't been testing in other environments so some extra configuration might be required.

What features does the plugin offer?
There is currently only a few features in the plugin. However, this will be ever-expanding for quite a longtime as this is a work in progress plugin. To see the content for future releases, see the planned features section below.
  • Realistic catching mechanics - Catch PyroMon just like you do in Pokemon GO! You have 3 spins, if it gets past them all, you catch it! Be careful, it can break out. Use better PyroBalls for a higher chance to catch them!
  • Full Customization - Everything in the plugin can be customized. Want to make your own PyroMon? You can. Want to translate everything into another language? Done. Want to have fully custom names for the PyroBalls? Also done. If you want something specific adding, let me know!
  • CP / Statistic Scaling Features - As the CP of PyroMon go up, their stats increase. The stats can be fully configured in the PyroMon.yml file.
  • Easy to use Crafting System - To make the PyroBalls, there is a very simple crafting system (/pm crafter). Use this to access the crafting inventory to make some PyroBalls!
  • Player Statistics - Want to see how you compare with your fellow Minecrafters? You can! Use (/pm stats <player>) in game.
  • Economy Aspects - Sell your PyroMon to the (/pm shop) and earn money! You can also collect them for future updates!
  • Full in-game Codex - See PyroMon in game using the codex command. See all their stats, mob type, elemental types and much more.
  • Candies - Earn candies which you can trade between players or use to power up your existing PyroMon!
  • Interaction / Upgrading - Upgrade your PyroMon using candies! Favourite them so you can't get rid of them, transfer them between players and rename them!
  • Fleeing - PyroMon will have a small chance to flee when they break out of a PyroBall! Be careful!
  • Berries - Use berries to give yourself the edge when catching a PyroMon! Or obtain more candies and other unique items from PyroMon!

What features are planned for the foreseeable future?
As this plugin is very new, there is much planned for the future and there is a lot to be added. This list will probably increase and some things might be added / removed. Use this as a basis only.
  • Elemental Attacks / Custom Attacks
  • Summoning Captured PyroMon
  • Raids to allow for Mythical PyroMon (Community effort)
  • Gyms and PyroStops
  • Daily Quests
  • Skill Tree system
  • More Elemental Types
  • Evolutions
  • Battling other players - wagers and tournaments
  • Egg hatching and related features
  • Lots more - Suggest somethings to me!

Screenshots / Pictures:
Spoiler: Screenshots

  • An economy handler plugin such as Essentials / CMI
  • Vault
  • PlaceholderAPI (Optional / Coming soon)

Command List:
All admin commands require the permission (pm.admin) All non-admin commands are available by default.
✯ /pm (Shows all the base commands)
✯ /pm menu (Opens the main menu for the plugin)
✯ /pm stats <player> (Shows stats for you or that player)
✯ /pm crafter (Opens the crafter menu)
✯ /pm shop (Opens the shop menu)
✯ /pm codex (Opens the codex menu)
✯ /pm reload (Reloads the plugin - admin)
✯ /pm summon <name> <cp> (Summons a PyroMon - admin)
✯ /pm give <item> (Gives you an item from the plugin - admin)
✯ /pm cullmobs (Removes all existing PyroMon - admin)
✯ /pm togglespawns (Toggles PyroMon spawning - admin)

Terms of Service (Read before purchasing):
  • You will not distribute this plugin on any other website and or any platform for your own personal gain and or use without explicit permission from me. (PyroTempus)
  • Refunds are not given in any circumstances. If you are going to purchase the plugin, make sure you want to.
  • You will not post any bugs in the review section. If you have a bug and or something that requires fixing contact me directly on here or either on discord by using Pyro~#3801.
  • You are given access to the plugin as soon as the purchase is made.
  • This purchase is for one server or network and cannot be used on multiple servers. (Contact me if additional requirements are needed)
  • I have the right to change these terms at any time without notice.
  • You are not allowed to decompile this or any of my plugins without explicit permission directly from me.
This is the list of Supporters who have donated to me and supported me throughout the development of all my plugins. Thanks to everyone who has donated and or supported me! <3

➤ Toweile ($100) (Big thanks to @TowelieDOH for being the main supporter and motivation to continue this project)
➤ GrilledDonutV2 ($40.41)
➤ AquaFalling ($36.48)
➤ Sadstro ($30.39)
➤ mrfloris ($25)
➤ TheGrayGorilla ($17)
➤ SlimeDog ($15)
➤ Justiin ($12.74)
➤ stifflered ($10)
➤ Ipodfleajr ($7)
➤ NotoriousRogue ($1.11)
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